Granbury Pirates

    High School

     School Song
    Far above the Brazos River

    On a hallowed site,

    Stands our noble

    Granbury High School

    Bathed in golden light.

    Lift the chorus, Speed it onward

    Over hill and dale,

    Hail to thee

    Beloved old high school

    Granbury High School – Hail!
    Fight Song

    Fight on Pirates
    Fight on through
    We’re here in back of you.
    We’re here to win,
    So stay right in,

    And fight until the end.

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Loyal and true we’ll ever be.
    We’re the Pirates can’t you see.
    We’ll fight and fight,
    To show our soul
    For the Granbury purple and gold.
    Yea purple, yea gold
    Yea Pirates, let's go