Career and Technical Education

GHS Career and Technical Education Teachers

  • Allen, Allison Hospitality and Tourism / Culinary
    Baldridge, Kristen Arts/AV Video
    Belleau, Greg Engineering
    Bodine, Tammy (Department Chair) Business and Career Prep
    Bradley, Dawn Arts/AV Graphics
    Byrd, Sonya Health Science
    Clark, Wade Automotive Technology
    Davis, Cari  Law and Public Safety
    Eppler, Brad Engineering
    Geissler, Kaci Agricultural Science
    Gibson, Todd  Engineering | F1 in Schools
    Guidry, Danny Marketing
    Hallmark, Casey  Health Science
    Hinojosa, Augustin Agricultural Science
    Hinojosa, Courtney Agricultural Science
    Jesko, Connie Education and Training
    Jumper, Angela Information Technology
    Keys, Trey  Agricultural Science
    Kirk, Mark Engineering | Eagle's Nest
    Langdon, Brianne Hospitality and Tourism / Culinary
    Overstreet, Joe Anatomy and Physiology
    Pieren, Christy Health Science
    Shahan, Desiree   Business and Career Prep
    Slemmons, Justin Automotive Technology
    Titus, Kristen Hospitality and Tourism
    Whitsitt, Renae Law and Public Safety
    Windham, Darlene Forensics