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      Preparing Students for Careers in Education & Training, Human Services, and Skills for Adult Living



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    Connie Jesko
     Email Address: connie.jesko@granburyisd.org
          Phone number: 
          Conference Time:  12:46 pm - 1:37 pm
          Tutorial time:  7:30 am to 8:30 am Monday to Friday. Request after school tutorials.
     This semester the following Family & Consumer Science classes are offered :
              2020-21 Schedule
    0       7:50  -  8:50                Education & Training Practicum

    1st     8:55 -  9:45                Education & Training  Practicum
    2nd    9:52 - 10:46               Instructional Practices in Education & Training 
    3rd   10:52 - 11:43               Instructional Practices in Education & Training 
    4th   11:49 - 12:09               Quest      B-Lunch 12:09 - 12:40   
    5th    12:46-1:06                  Principles of Education & Training                                          
    6th     1:43 - 2:33                Conference 
    7th     2:39 - 3:29                Principles of Education & Training
    8th     3:35 - 4:25                No class 


    The quickest way to contact me is via email.  I can accept phone calls regarding student concerns during my conference period only.  However, if you need to set up an appointment to speak with me in person you may set up a meeting through the counseling department secretary at (817)  408-4619.

    What is Family and Consumer Sciences?
    Family and Consumer Sciences is a discipline that prepares young people for living in today's world as well as tomorrow's.

    Experiences are provided in all areas of the curriculum to strengthen family life and to prepare students for the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, community member, and related careers.

    Family and Consumer Sciences remains the only educational program that directly addresses the preparation of students for adult roles, including work and family responsibilities.

    Webster's Definition of
    Family and Consumer Science:
    The art of teaching career planning, job skills, resource management, time management, nutrition, food preparation, menu planning, parenting, substance abuse, child care and development, healthy living, clothing and textiles, consumer education, money management, decision making, problem solving, human relationships, family development and anything else that touches the home and heart.
    FCCLA Reg. Meet.
    FCCLA Region Meeting in Waco

    Students enrolled in a Family and Consumer Science class will have the opportunity to join FCCLA. This is the chapter organization for Family and Consumer Science and is recognized throughout the nation for leadership and community service opportunities. Any student who is taking, or has been enrolled in a Family and Consumer Science class in
    the past, is eligible to join FCCLA until graduation from high school.








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