• Coach Jones World History Teacher / Head J.V. Football/Asst. Track  

    2008 Teacher of the Year            

    Name: Danny K. Jones
    Email Address: dannyk.jones@granburyisd.org
    Phone number:
    Conference Time: 2nd per. 9:44- 10:43

    Coach Jones
    World History
    1rst period -  Freshman football
    2nd period - World History
    3rd period - World History
    4th period - World History
    5th period - World History
    6th period - Conference
    7th period - Varsity football
    I provide a Weekly Planner on my board every week for students of everything we will do that week. ( I strongly encourage them to write it down)Or take a picture. I also have them keep a folder and I keep a running table of contents of all the assignments we have done.  So you see not knowing when assignments are due shouldn't be an issue. thanks Coach Jones
    Please Note assignments and dates on assignment pages are subject to change.

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