• AP English III, DC English III 1301 & 1302, & new to GHS this year, AP Seminar


    Welcome to Mrs. Bradshaw's website!

    I am so excited to start the new school year with you!  I encourage you and your parents to check my site regularly in order for you to stay apprised of what is going on in our classroom at all times.

    AP English III:  Get ready to work hard and have fun! 

    DC English III:  Get ready to work hard and have fun!

    AP Seminar:     Get ready to work hard and have fun! 



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    Instructor:                 Jacqueline Bradshaw

    Room:                        404


    AP English III:          1st, 2nd, & 4th 

    DC English III:          6th, 7th, & 8th 

    AP Seminar:             7th & 8th 


    Conference Period:   5th period (12:39-1:31)

    Tutorials:                    Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:15-8:40

                                        Tuesdays - Thursdays by appointment only 4:25-5:00                                    

    Writing Conferences:

                                         Monday 8:15-8:40

                                         Wednesday 8:15-8:40

                                         Friday 8:15-8:40 and 4:25-5:00  


    Email:                          jacqueline.bradshaw@granburyisd.org

    Phone:                         817-408-4600



    Understand our classroom is a space where you will be expected to interact with people from different backgrounds and perspectives, many with whom you will not always or even often agree.  This is expected and good!  We want people’s perspectives to challenge us; it will make for more robust and interesting conversations and writing.


    Class Synopses:  In AP English III and Dual Credit English III, you will sharpen your skills in reading and thinking critically and in generating ideas, drafting and revising papers about issues as a member of the academic community.  You will also survey major works of American literature and non-fiction, complete a drama study, and continue to improve grammatical skills and expand vocabulary.

    Course Description: Intensive study of and practice in writing processes, from invention and researching to drafting, revising, and editing, both individually and collaboratively. Emphasis on effective rhetorical choices, including audience, purpose, arrangement, and style. Focus on writing the academic essay as a vehicle for learning, communicating, and critical analysis.

    Course Learning Objectives: Upon completion of the course students should be able:

    1. To understand and demonstrate writing and speaking processes through invention, organization, drafting, revision, editing, and presentation.
    2. To understand the importance of specifying audience and purpose and to select appropriate communication choices.
    3. To understand and appropriately apply modes of expression, i.e., descriptive, expositive, narrative, scientific, and self-expressive, in written, visual, and oral communication.
    4. To participate effectively in groups with emphasis on listening, critical and reflective thinking, and responding.


    Class Synopsis:  AP Seminar is a foundational course that engages students in cross-curricular conversations that explore the complexities of academic and real-world topics and issues by analyzing divergent perspectives. Using an inquiry framework, students practice reading and analyzing articles, research studies, and foundational, literary, and philosophical texts; listening to and viewing speeches, broadcasts, and personal accounts; and experiencing artistic works and performances. Students learn to synthesize information from multiple sources, develop their own perspectives in written essays, and design and deliver oral and visual presentations, both individually and as a part of a team. Ultimately, the course aims to equip students with the power to analyze and evaluate information with accuracy and precision in order to create and communicate evidence-based arguments. 


    Cheers to a great year!  


    "Three things in human life are important.  The first is to be kind.  The second is to be kind.  And the third is to be kind."   -Henry James

    "The role of education is to prepare students to face complexity and not freak out."  -Dr. David Cohen, Professor of Mathematics, Smith College

    “Read, read, read. Read everything -- trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You'll absorb it.  Then write. If it's good, you'll find out. If it's not, throw it out of the window.”    -William Faulkner 



    My CRAZY and LOVABLE 6th period from 2013-2014.  Love my kiddos!  Thank you for such a fun year.


    6th period 2013-2014


    My girl, Hannah, representing our 5th period from 2013-2014, also CRAZY and LOVABLE.  Love my kiddos!  Thank you for such a fun year.


    Hannah and me!


    Because my birthday is at the end of the school year, I get the absolute blessing of kiddos throwing me surprise parties.  That year, I had 2!  My 4th and 5th periods got together and purchased any teacher's dream product...a stapler!  Not just any stapler by any means, but a purple, one-touch, ergonomically correct, and BEDAZZLED stapler to fit in with my girlie tastes.  Too kind, of course, and I just so appreciated their thoughtfulness!  Thanks again, guys; you rock!  Then, my 7th period made an awesome banner, posted it, and surprised me as well.  Let me just say, I KNOW I AM BETTER with having known all of you and, of course, having had the gift of being called teacher by you as well.  I love my students!


    7th period!
















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