Kristen Baldridge
    Email Address: kristen.baldridge@granburyisd.org
    Phone number: 817-408-4600  
    Conference Time: 1st Period (8:55- 9:45)
    *Principles of A/V Production & Graphics
    *Audio/Video Production
    *Advanced Audio/Video Production
    *Audio/Video Practicum
    1st period:  Conference
    2nd period:  Principles (PAV)
    3rd period:   A/V Production
    4th period:   A/V Production
    5th period:   Quest/Lunch
    6th period:   Principles (PAV) 
    7th period:   Advanced A/V Production 
    8th period:  Advanced A/V Production
    The best way to reach me is via email at



Last Modified on October 21, 2018