Granbury High School Stowaways
  • We, the Stowaways Drill Team of Granbury High School and Granbury Independent School District, strive to be intentional in providing leadership, engaging in teamwork, providing life-skills, pushing one another to work hard in everything we do, be respectful and honest to one another, continue to grow in every aspect of our daily lives, learn how to overcome adversity with positivity, and be a unified front through dance education and performance.  - created by Stowaways, 32 Line

Stowaways Announcements

  • Congratulations to the 34th Line Social Officers! 

    Lillie Davis

    Kylee Patino

    Madison Smith


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  • Congratulations to the 34th Line Officers! 

    Captain: Lorraine Johns-De La Garza 

    Senior Lieutenant: Olivia Iturralde 

    Junior Lieutenant: Hannah Rogers 

    Junior Lieutenant: Kiana Mulverhill 

    Sophomore Lieutenant: Victoria Burkey

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  • 34th Stowaway Line

    Avery Arnett
    Abigail  Boyd
    Arian Daniels
    Aniah Ewing
    Annessa Smith
    Eellis Evans
    Emory  Gilbert
    E'Leena  Hull
    Faith Brown
    Haven Gallegos
    Hannah Rogers
    Julia Paul
    Kayla Kraus
    Kiley Dove
    Kiana Mulverhill
    Kylee Patino
    Kendall Satterfield
    Lillie Davis
    Lorraine Johns-De La Garza
    Madison Maxwell
    Madison Smith
    Olivia  Iturralde
    Rylie Cox
    Rylee Henthorn
    Rylie Moses
    Sienna Infante
    Samantha Kolenovsky
    Sophia Valadez
    Taylor Waller
    Victoria Burkey
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