• A basic structure of a day in Algebra includes:  warm-up, notes (on colored paper with blanks to fill in and problems to work-these will be kept in your binder), an assignment (a few problems I work with you in class- then whatever you don't finish in class will be considered homework). 

     You will be given a few quizzes each week which will be tied to your assignment grade.
    A minimum of 3 tests (major grades) will be given each grading period. Along with a minimum of 10 minor grades.
    You will have 2 Problem Based Learning (PBL) projects - 1 each semester.  This is a little different in Algebra than other subjects in that it is problem based which focuses on an extension of previous learned content.
    Corrections can be made on any failed assignment, quiz, or test.  You must attend tutorials in order to correct a quiz or test.
    Tutorials:  I'm available every morning 8:15-8:45 and after school from 4:25-5:00 except on Friday's. 
    Progress Reports will be emailed weekly.
    All assignments are attached to Skyward.

    Remind 101 Info:  To: 81010
                                                              Text: @algbeen





Last Modified on August 7, 2018