• A basic structure of a day in Algebra includes:  warm-up, notes (on colored paper with blanks to fill in and problems to work-these will be kept in your binder), an assignment (a few problems I work with you in class- then whatever you don't finish in class will be considered homework). 

     You will be given an assignment almost daily, a quiz once week, and a test once every two weeks.
    I'm enforcing a policy of: no phones, no apple watches, no earbuds, no ear phones, and no headphones.  I have a dock station available that will charge up to 20 items that can be used during class.  Otherwise, all electronics need to be put away except for chromebooks and calculators that are used in my classroom for Algebra.
    Corrections can be made on any failed test.  You must either attend tutorials to correct the test with a teacher or you can correct it on your own by using the Test Correction form.Test corrections
    Tutorials:  I'm available Tuesday - Friday mornings from 8:15-8:45 and Tuesday and Wednesday after school from 4:25-5:00.
    Progress Reports will be emailed weekly.
     Classroom Expectations and supplies. Rules and supplies






Last Modified on August 15, 2022