Granbury Teachers Excellence Initiative (GTEI)

GTEI Program Overview

  • (revised 9/29/2022)

    Baseline Requirements

    • Eligible employees must be a certified classroom teacher evaluated through the T-TESS.
    • Teachers must be in at least their 2nd consecutive year in GISD.
    • In order to meet baseline qualifications for the GTEI, the teacher must meet attendance and GISD established instructional requirements.

    *Attendance requirements are as follows:

    • 3 or less days absent out of 187 would qualify a teacher for 100% of the incentive increase.
    • 4 or less days absent out of 187 would qualify a teacher for 75% of the incentive increase.
    • 5 or less days absent out of 187 would qualify a teacher for 50% of the incentive increase.

    *The reason attendance is included in this plan is that research shows a direct correlation between teacher attendance and student success and progress. Also, substitute costs continue to increase and part of the way to fund this plan is with reduced costs in this area. Due to all the possible reasons for absences, there would be no exceptions to this requirement. If a teacher does not meet the attendance requirement one year, they would have another opportunity to qualify the following year.

    GISD Instructional Requirements:

    Teachers must prove successful in Professional Practices and Responsibilities. This includes areas of: 

    • Professional Demeanor and Ethics 
      • Behaves in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators. 
      • Meets all professional standards (e.g., attendance, professional appearance and behaviors). 
      • Advocates successfully for the needs of students in the classroom.
    • Goal Setting 
      • Sets short and long term professional goals based on self-assessment, reflection and supervisor feedback. 
      • Meets all professional goals resulting in improvement in practice and student performance.
    • Professional Development 
      • Collaboratively practices in all scheduled professional development activities, campus professional learning communities, grade- or subject-level team membership, committee membership or other opportunities.
    • School Community Involvement
      • Communicates the mission, vision and goals of the school to students, colleagues, parents and families. 
      • Contacts parents/ guardians regularly regarding students’ academic and social/ emotional growth. 
      • Actively participates in many school outreach activities.

    Portfolio Requirements

    For those teachers who meet the baseline requirements, data, artifacts, and other supporting documents must be submitted as part of a portfolio for each of the three areas below. The portfolio must be completed prior to the summative evaluation on or before May 3, 2023.

    *Teachers who attend the after-school professional development sessions offered by the Curriculum Department will have the option at session sign-in to opt for either extra duty pay or hours towards the GTEI portfolio.  Teachers cannot earn hours for portfolio and extra duty pay for the same session.*

            1) Professional Development/Collaboration

    • A minimum of 30 documented hours of additional training or professional development is required to meet the requirement for this section. All professional development must be pre-approved by the campus principal, not be part of the teacher’s normal teaching requirements, and any costs shall be paid for by the teacher.
    • Examples of artifacts to show mastery in this area:
        • Professional development in teacher’s subject or grade level, voluntary PLC meetings, Region 11, etc.
    • In addition to the professional development above, each of the following examples could count for up to 10 hours toward meeting the 30 hour requirement.
        • Obtaining additional teaching certifications
        • Master’s/Doctorate degree programs in an education-related field
        • Serving as a mentor teacher
        • Supervising a PD III student teacher
        • Grade level trainers in technology
        • Trainer of trainers in other areas (and not being compensated)
        • Having a PBL project vetted and added to the GISD curriculum
        • Additional learning opportunities for students outside normal work hours (additional tutoring, etc.)

            2) Student Experience/Campus Culture

    • A minimum of 30 hours should be documented to meet the requirements for this section, with a maximum of 12 hours in any one area.
    • Examples of artifacts to show mastery in this area:
        • Committee involvement (voluntary campus or district committees)
        • Student and/or parent survey results showing positive feedback
        • Grade level department creations, new initiatives, etc.
        • Apply for and receive an outside grant that benefits your classroom and school.
        • Attendance at school activities, games, concerts, family nights, etc. (not required as part of job)

            3)    Student Achievement/Enrichment

    • Teachers will present data and artifacts to show student progress, growth, and success in the classrooms they serve for all students.
    • Examples of data or artifacts to show mastery of this area:
        • DRA, TELPAS, I-station, STAAR, EOC, Common Assessments, universal screenings, AP exams, BOY, EOY, SAT/ACT success or other data showing student progress throughout the year.
        • Success in contests such as UIL choir, band, or academic contests could also be used if a majority of students in the classroom participate in such contests or external evaluations.
        • Other classroom activities and data such as jump rope club, miler's club, Fitnessgram, Crossfit club, campus-wide musicals, science and history fair success, etc. could be used as artifacts for this section.

    Other GTEI Information

    • Teachers who meet the requirements for a salary increase will not see the increase until the following school year.
    • Any increase will become part of their salary. It will not be taken away once they have earned it.
    • The GTEI is also a retention strategy to retain staff. Teachers who do not return to GISD the following year will not receive any monetary benefit from meeting the requirements of the program.
    • The actual amount of any increase in salary will be determined by the GISD school board, based on funds available and the number of teachers who meet the requirements.
    • It is the intent of this recommendation that teachers may have the opportunity to earn up to an additional $1,000 in addition to any normal yearly salary increase the board approves for all teachers.
    • Teachers may begin earning hours that count toward the GTEI on the day after their contract ends for the previous school year. (Example: hours accumulated after May 27, 2023, would count toward the 2022-23 school year)
    • A team of administrators will review each portfolio to determine those who successfully met the requirements, documented the hours, provided appropriate data to show progress in the classroom and are eligible for the GTEI.
    • This program will be reviewed each year and changes to requirements may be updated/changed as deemed necessary by the GISD board of trustees.
    • This program is not guaranteed to continue from one year to the next, and it may be discontinued at any time. 
    • This program is capped at $5,000.