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November 15, 2021

Granbury High School students performed with the All-Region Choirs during a concert on November 13, 2021, at Weatherford High School.

All-Region Mixed Choir students, who are still competing in multi-level process to qualify for All-State Choirs, are: 

  • Soprano 2:  Julie Smith (senior), 7th chair
  • Tenor 1:  Ashton Lemens (senior), 1st chair
  • Tenor 2:  Brennan Fisher (junior), 3rd chair; Aiden Lemens (freshman), 5th chair; Tyler Peterson (sophomore), 12th chair
  • Bass 1:  Caleb Fisher (senior), 3rd chair; Jack Barefoot (junior), 5th chair
  • Bass 2:  Jorge Rodriguez (senior), 11th chair 

Selected for the All-Region Treble Choir were: 

  • Soprano 1:  Cameron Magat (freshman)
  • Soprano 2:  Abby Stone (sophomore)
  • Alto 1:  Qualyse Bell (senior); Anna Kemper (sophomore); Anna Sommerfeld (sophomore); Sydney Simcho (freshman)
  • Alto 2:  Kaylee Kirkland (junior); Palma Norwood (junior); Perry Quillen (freshman) 

Two other students were named to the All-Region 9th and 10th Grade Honor Choir: 

  • Soprano: Riley Noah (freshman)
  • Tenor: Ryan Wiebe (freshman) 

The group was selected during the TMEA Region 30 second-round auditions held on October 16 at Burleson Centennial High School.

For the eight students who made the All-Region Mixed Choir, Round 3 auditions will be Thursday, November 18 at Weatherford High School. 

The students are under the direction of Kendra Fisher and Kyle Wheatley.