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November 18, 2021

From City of Granbury:

Cash Taylor, a fifth-grade student at Granbury ISD’s Oak Woods School was an Honorary Councilmember at the November 16, 2021, council meeting. 

Taylor received an introduction and certificate from Mayor Jim Jarratt to begin the meeting, led in the Pledges of Allegiance, followed the discussion of Agenda items, and struck the gavel to signal conclusion of voting on the Consent Agenda. 

“It’s our pleasure to have young people come with their families to City Hall and participate in local government,” said Jarratt. “I hope this is an inspiration to Cash and his classmates to consider a lifetime of public service.” 

Cash is no stranger to leadership. He was his class Student Council representative in both third and fourth grades. He is now the Student Council President of Oak Woods. He has also been selected a Shining Star in each grade level and was nominated as a Kiwanis “Super Citizen.” 

Academically, he is a straight-A student. Outside of school, Cash is a talented and competitive baseball and basketball player.

Pictured is Taylor leading the council in the pledges to the United States and Texas flags at the meeting.