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March 17, 2023

Granbury Middle School hosted a career day for eighth grade students on Friday, March 10, 2023. 

The event was organized by Granbury Middle School AVID teacher Angela Leisure and Communities in Schools, who planned the event to provide students with the opportunity to learn from over 20 professionals representing various career fields.

During afternoon classes, the eighth grade students rotated to 4 different career day presentations of their choice.  Mrs. Leisure and the rest of the Granbury Middle School faculty are thankful to the professionals who made this opportunity available for all eighth grade students.

  • Paul Hyde, Lawyer
  • Van Whitley, Nuclear Power Plant Mechanic
  • Tammy Clark, Assistant Super/Teacher/Coach
  • Mr. Trawee, Truck Driver
  • Cliff Montemayor, EMT
  • Officer Vasquez, Army First Sargent
  • Wes Stevenson, Welder
  • Jessica Mallory, Baker
  • Jeffery Ghiglieri, U.S. Air Force
  • Preston Whisenhunt, Game Warden
  • Joe Ferrel, Commercial Pilot
  • Alex Garrett, Physical Therapist
  • Will Leisure, Construction Management
  • Sherry Ferrell, Nurse Practioner
  • Meredith Fraser, Booking Agent
  • Bailee Burenheide, Vet Tech
  • Billy Martin, FBI
  • Brent Blackmon, Police Dectective
  • Paula McDonald, Realtor
  • Caitlin Bedwell, Cosmetologist
  • Shaun Hamill, Author
  • Tim Bubel, Actor

Granbury Middle School recently received Certified Campus recognition, meaning the campus meets the standards expected by the AVID center.   Granbury ISD initiated the AVID program to provide academic and leadership support for students entering rigorous coursework that prepares them for a pathway to university studies. The program, led by a non-profit organization, helps hold students accountable to the highest standards by providing them with academic and social support to help them rise to the challenge.

"We want to extend a huge thank you to Mrs. Leisure, Communities in Schools partners, counselors, and the 22 community volunteers that all played a vital role in making this a successful event! The students had a great time and were all talking about the speakers they were able to learn from," shared principal Dr. Andy Smith.