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May 8, 2023

The Granbury High School MCJROTC Pirate Nation Physical Training (PT) Team competed in the National JROTC Fitness Challenge on Saturday May 7, 2023, in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The All-Service National JROTC Championships highlighted the hardest working JROTC teams in the nation. The JROTC Fitness Nationals attracted many of the best Male, Mixed and Female JROTC fitness teams in the country. The single-day Championship event was a strong test for the Pirate Nation team. The competition tested the team’s conditioning, teamwork, strategy, strength, quickness, power and determination.

The Pirate Nation competed in the Mixed division that consisted of twenty teams. Each team of nine cadets (six male and three female) competed in five events. The first event was a 3-kilometer run on the beach in which the team had to carry a twenty pound PVC pipe throughout the run. The next event was a Physical Training Test event designed to test the strength, balance, stamina, strategy, and endurance of the team over a distance of 800 meters using a variety of physical obstacles. Other events included maximum pull-ups for males, flexed arm hang for females, standing broad jump, and a seated power throw of a 2-kilogram medicine ball.

The Pirate Nation earned recognition in the following events - second in the Physical Training Test, fifth in the 3 kilometer beach run, sixth in the pullup/flexed arm hang, and placed sixth overall. Team members consisted of Viola Allen, Dianna Koch, Grace Larsen, Ainsley Milligan, Trinity Streiff, James Barber, Brady Furr, Anthony Garcia, Noah Gomez, Jonathan Hutchison, Jacob Pyles, and Nathan Wilson.

photos courtesy GHS MCJROTC