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September 17, 2019 

GISD Security Staff

Granbury ISD safety and security chief Jeff Hastings provided a comprehensive report to the Board of Trustees during its regular monthly meeting on September 16, 2019. 

Hastings, who previously was the district’s school resource officer in collaboration with the Granbury Police Department, outlined the staffing to provide security at all campuses.  GISD currently contracts with Hood County Constable Chad Jordan for three deputy constables stationed at secondary campuses. The district expanded its security force by hiring new security officers for the elementary schools as well as truancy officer Monica Harris, a former deputy constable. 

“I thought I had set a high standard of care in the interview process, but they have exceed it,” Hastings said.  “The campuses loved having uniformed officers who are engaged and connecting with our kids, staff, and parents.  This is the quality of care GISD has been used to seeing and will continue to receive under this program.” 

The security personnel includes: 

  • Granbury High School: deputy constable Dirk Sain plus security monitors Kimberly Carter, Alice Casey, Patricia Jones, and Mary Lloyd
  • Acton Middle School: deputy constable Mat Cox
  • Granbury Middle School: deputy constable Robert Moore
  • Acton Elementary School: Casey Gay
  • Baccus Elementary School: Ronald Frantz
  • Brawner Intermediate School/Roberson Elementary School: Jameson Parker
  • Oak Woods School: Kevin Timmons
  • STEAM Academy at Mambrino: Bob Stivers

The chief also discussed the appointment and training of a select number of teachers and campus personnel who are now school marshals. 

Texas state law allows public school districts to appoint some employees who hold a current concealed handgun license as school marshals.  The licensing program through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement requires marshals meet strict requirements, complete a mental health evaluation, and undergo extensive training totaling 80 hours on physical security, use of force and legal liability, firearms training, and law enforcement strategies and techniques.  The identities of marshals are kept confidential. 


Hastings, who is also stationed at GHS, is joined by a new drug dog named “Annie,” a two-year-old German Shepard.  She succeeds “Ben,” who retired in May after six years with the district.  “Annie” is certified in narcotics, building and article search, tracking, and apprehension.  The dog is primarily funded by the GISD Education Foundation with additional support coming from the United Way of Hood County and the Hood County Substance Abuse Council. 

“Annie commands a different level of respect,” commented Hasting.  “That level of respect has changed the atmosphere with our kids in a positive way.” 

The chief also discussed additional training, equipment, and procedures implemented as part of the district security program.

Pictured are (left to right):  back – Jameson Parker, Bob Stivers, Mat Cox, Kevin Timmons, Jeff Hastings; front – Dirk Sain, Kimberly Carter, Mary Lloyd, Patricia Jones, Alice Casey, Monica Harris. Not pictured are Casey Gay and Robert Moore.