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February 25, 2021 

Texas Educational Diagnosticians Week

Texas educational diagnosticians are being honored for their work and service during a special week on March 1-5, 2021, proclaimed by Governor Greg Abbott. 

“An important part of ensuring Texans stay on a road to success is making sure they have a rigorous and well-rounded education,” wrote the governor in the proclamation designating Educational Diagnosticians’ Week. “For some children, learning new things and succeeding in their classes is a smooth process. For others, additional or specialized instruction is necessary for maximum success. When young Texans need a greater helping hand, educational diagnosticians play a vital role.” 

“Educational diagnosticians undergo specialized training to use academic and psychological tests to isolate factors that could enhance students’ performance in the classroom,” Abbott continued. “These professionals help provide our next generation of leaders with the knowledge and skills that are the building blocks of lifelong excellence by developing and recommending teaching strategies and materials.” 

Diagnosticians serving in the Granbury ISD special education department are Kristi Anderson, Jill Brown, Lagenea Dowell, Tamara Green, Michelle Haggart, Andee Holmgreen, Lori Kohl, Jeri Largent, Shannon Parker, Patti Parsons, Rebecca Schulte, Teresa Stone, and Mickie Williams.