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January 30, 2020

GHS Swim

The Granbury Pirate swimmers repeated as district champions for the seventh consecutive year on January 17, 2020, at Mansfield ISD’s Debbie Weems Natatorium.  Twenty-five Granbury High School students are advancing to the regional contest.

For the girls, Granbury had 140 points ahead of Aledo, the next closet school in second at 107.  The Pirates won first place among the boys’ teams with 188 while Cleburne closed behind at 88.

GHS Swim Team

Granbury garnered seven district titles with first-place finishes, including a sweep of all three boys’ relay events. The girls captured first in the 400 Freestyle Relay. Individuals placing first were Daniel D’Souza (Boys 100 Butterfly) and Brock Holmgreen (Boys 100 Backstroke and Boys 100 Individual Medley).

Results from the District 7-5A meet are below.  The top three place finishers are medalists, and the top six advance to the regional competition.

  • Girls 50 Freestyle:  Victoria Braby, eighth; Emma Grace Brown, twelfth; Katelyn Jernigan, thirteenth; Hannah Archer, sixteenth
  • Girls 100 Backstroke:  Kori Brawner, second; Faith Schmeets, sixth; Emma Leslie, eighth; Delaney Dawson, fourteenth
  • Girls 100 Breaststroke:  Trinity Belott, third; Mary Power, fourth; Reese Holmgreen, seventh; Rowan Meer, eighth
  • Girls 100 Butterfly:  Mary Power, second; Madi Jones, third; Katelyn Jernigan, fifth; Emma Leslie, tenth
  • Girls 100 Freestyle:  Ashley Loveless, third; Victoria Braby, eighth; Kaitlyn Heffernan, ninth
  • Girls 200 Freestyle:  Ashley Loveless, second; Kaitylyn Heffernan, sixth; Rowan Meer, seventh; Marley Fox, ninth
  • Girls 200 Individual Medley:  Trinity Belott, second; Madi Jones, third; Tessa Fox, fifth; Reese Holmgreen, seventh
  • Girls 200 Freestyle Relay:  Kaitlyn Heffernan, Marley Fox, Madi Jones, Victoria Braby, third
  • Girls 200 Medley Relay:  Kori Brawner, Trinity Belott, Mary Power, Ashley Loveless, second
  • Girls 400 Freestyle Relay:  Kori Brawner, Trinity Belott, Mary Power, Ashley Loveless, first
  • Girls 500 Freestyle:  Kori Brawner, third; Tessa Fox, fourth; Faith Schmeets, fifth; Marley Fox, ninth
  • Boys 50 Freestyle:  Matthew Walters, third; Brady Willmeth, fifth; Maverick Campbell, sixth; Jaden Bradshaw, eighth
  • Boys 100 Backstroke:  Brock Holmgreen, first; Zach Kinsfather, fifth; Jaden Couto, sixth; Hayden Cox, tenth
  • Boys 100 Breaststroke:  Daniel D’Souza, second; Matthew Walters, fifth; Jordan Buchanan, sixth; Preston Beauchamp, ninth
  • Boys 100 Butterfly:  Daniel D’Souza, first; Jaden Couto, third; Brady Porter, fifth; Ethan Swaim, sixth
  • Boys 100 Freestyle:  Brady Willmeth, fourth; Maverick Campbell, sixth; Tyler Guidry, eighth; Jaden Bradshaw, ninth
  • Boys 200 Freestyle:  Cutter Willmeth, second; Lawson Berry, third; Hayden Cox, sixth; Tyler Guidry, seventh
  • Boys 200 Individual Medley:  Brock Holmgreen, first; Jordan Buchanan, third; Ryan Solisz, fourth; Zach Kinsfther, sixth
  • Boys 200 Freestyle Relay:  Matthew Walters, Jaden Couto, Daniel D’Souza, Brock Holmgreen, first
  • Boys 200 Medley Relay:  Brock Holmgreen, Daniel D’Souza, Jaden Couto, Cutter Willmeth, first
  • Boys 400 Freestyle Relay:  Matthew Walters, Brady Willmeth, Cutter Willmeth, Lawson Berry, first
  • Boys 500 Freestyle:  Cutter Willmeth, third; Lawson Berry, fourth; Ryan Solisz, fifth; Brady Porter, sixth

Advancing to regionals are Trinity Belott, Lawson Berry, Victoria Braby, Kori Brawner, Jordan Buchanan, Maverick Campbell, Jaden Couto, Hayden Cox, Daniel D’Souza, Marley Fox, Tessa Fox, Kaitlyn Heffernan, Brock Holmgreen, Katelyn Jernigan, Madi Jones, Zack Kinsfather, Ashley Loveless, Brady Porter, Mary Power, Faith Schmeets, Ryan Solisz, Ethan Swaim, Matthew Walters, Brady Willmeth, and Cutter Willmeth.

In addition to Granbury, the district meet included swimmers from Aledo, Burleson, Burleson Centennial, Cleburne, Crowley, Grandview, and Keene.

The Region II-5A Swimming & Diving Championships will be held January 31-February 1 at the Mansfield ISD natatorium.