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January 21, 2022 

Granbury Pirate swimmers repeated as district champions for the ninth consecutive year on January 20, 2022, at Mansfield ISD’s Debbie Weems Natatorium.  Twenty-six Granbury High School students are advancing to the regional contest. 

The GHS girls scored 145 points – well ahead of second-place Aledo – while the boys posted 192 points with Wichita Falls Rider in second place at 75. 

Granbury garnered six district titles with first-place finishes, including two boys relays teams (Boys 200 Freestyle Relay and Boys 400 Freestyle Relay). District champions in individual events were Jordan Buchanan (Boys 200 Individual Medley), Grace Larsen (Girls 100 Butterfly), and Brady Porter (Boys 200 Freestyle and Boys 500 Freestyle). 

Results from the District 5-5A meet are below.  The top three place finishers are medalists, and the top four advance to the regional competition. 

  • Girls 50 Freestyle: Mylie Erezo, 2nd; Ashley Loveless, 6th; Kensington Loving, 11th; Amy Adams, 13th
  • Girls 100 Backstroke: Kori Brawner, 4th; Amy Adams, 8th; Quinn Gregory, 9th
  • Girls 100 Breaststroke: Grace Larsen, 2nd; Trinity Belott, 3rd; Reese Holmgreen, 4th; Lydia Strickland, 8th
  • Girls 100 Butterfly: Grace Larsen, 1st; Avery Young, 6th; Eva Huckaby, 7th; Quinn Gregory, 8th
  • Girls 100 Freestyle: Mylie Erezo, 2nd; Brenna Haynes, 4th; Ashley Loveless, 5th; Jadyn Boyd, 11th
  • Girls 200 Freestyle: Brenna Haynes, 4th; Tessa Fox, 5th; Madi Erezo, 6th; Reese Holmgreen, 12th
  • Girls 200 Individual Medley: Trinity Belott, 5th; Jadyn Boyd, 6th; Avery Young, 7th; Lydia Strickland, 8th
  • Girls 200 Freestyle Relay: Mylie Erezo, Brenna Haynes, Grace Larsen, Ashley Lovless, 3rd
  • Girls 200 Medley Relay: Kori Brawner, Trinity Belott, Grace Larsen, Ashley Loveless, 2nd
  • Girls 400 Freestyle Relay: Mylie Erezo, Trinity Belott, Brenna Haynes, Kori Brawner, 2nd
  • Girls 500 Freestyle: Kori Brawner, 2nd; Tessa Fox, 4th; Madi Erezo, 5th; Eva Huckaby, 6th
  • Boys 50 Freestyle: Matthew Walters, 3rd; Tyler Guidry, 4th; Braxton Heffernan, 5th; Luke Basil, 8th
  • Boys 100 Backstroke: Ryan Solisz, 2nd; Jordan Buchanan, 4th; Luke Basil, 5th; Michael Kracy, 8th
  • Boys 100 Breaststroke: Bodie Chastain, 2nd; Matthew Walters, 3rd; Preston Beauchamp, 4th; Noah Brown, 6th
  • Boys 100 Butterfly: William Power, 5th; Jack Barefoot, 8th; Braxton Heffernan, 9th; Bodie Chastain, 11th
  • Boys 100 Freestyle: Tyler Guidry, 4th; Ryan Solisz, 5th; Hunter Jones, 8th; Michael Kracy, 11th
  • Boys 200 Freestyle: Brady Porter, 1st; Colin Lindsey, 3rd; Noah Brown, 4th; Hunter Jones, 6th
  • Boys 200 Individual Medley: Jordan Buchanan, 1st; Preston Beauchamp, 3rd; Leander Stuart, 4th; Jack Barefoot, 5th
  • Boys 200 Freestyle Relay: Matthew Walters, Jordan Buchanan, Tyler Guidry, Braxton Heffernan, 1st
  • Boys 200 Medley Relay: Ryan Solisz, Preston Beauchamp, Matthew Walters, Braxton Heffernan, 2nd
  • Boys 400 Freestyle Relay: Ryan Solisz, Jordan Buchanan, Brady Porter, Tyler Guidry, 1st
  • Boys 500 Freestyle: Brady Porter, 1st; Leander Stuart, 2nd; Colin Lindsey, 3rd; William Power, 4th

Advancing to regionals are Jack Barefoot, Luke Basil, Preston Beauchamp, Trinity Belott, Jadyn Boyd, Kori Brawner, Noah Brown, Jordan Buchanan, Bodie Chastain, Madi Erezo, Mylie Erezo, Tessa Fox, Tyler Guidry, Brenna Haynes, Braxton Heffernan, Reese Holmgreen, Hunter Jones, Grace Larsen, Colin Lindsey, Ashley Loveless, Brady Porter, William Power, Ryan Solisz, Leander Stuart, Matthew Walters, and Avery Young. 

In addition to Granbury, the district meet included swimmers from Aledo, Azle, Boyd, Burkburnett, Decatur, Wichita Falls, Wichita Falls Hirschi, and Wichita Falls Rider. 

The Region II-5A Swimming & Diving Championships will be held Friday, February 4 at the Mansfield ISD natatorium.