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June 11, 2015
Students in the Granbury Middle School Choir recently received awards at the end of the 2014-15 school year.
Award winners were:
  • Varsity Girls: Most Outstanding Student – Amanda Peterson; Directors’ Awards – Rosie Tovar-Clements; Most Improved Student – Hannah Bloyd
  • Treble ClefVarsity Boys: Most Outstanding Student – Jacob Dunlap; Directors’ Awards – Chase Fehrer and Garrett Jackson; Most Improved Student – Jessy Kirk
  • Junior Varsity Girls (5th Period): Most Outstanding Student – Rileigh Holmes; Directors’ Awards – Lora Pierce; Most Improved Student – Michaela Young
  • Junior Varsity Girls (6th Period): Most Outstanding Student – Juliana Rodriguez; Directors’ Awards – Sierra Jenson; Most Improved Student – Priscilla Madearis
  • Junior Varsity Boys: Most Outstanding Student – Shane Jumper; Directors’ Awards – Michael T. King and Michael Mashburn; Most Improved Student – Caleb Barber
  • 6th Grade Girls: Most Outstanding Student – Alison Cooper; Directors’ Awards – Lizbeth Becerra and Maggie Sandoval; Most Improved Student – Briana Head
  • 6th Grade BoysMost Outstanding Student – Caleb Anderson; Directors’ Awards – Logan Bledsoe; Most Improved Student – Ricardo Alejandro Lopez
Three-year choir awards were presented to Hannah Barber, Hannah Bloyd, Alana Chambers, Chase Fehrer, Griffin Fout, Hannah Holderby, Kylie Horton, Garrett Jackson, Zoe Kent, Alexis Limon, Brandon Medrano Luna, Sara Melton, Amanda Peterson, Sarah Petty, Tayloranne Rippetoe, Andrea Rodriguez, Destany Sawyer, Dohn Shell, Kayleigh Summitt, Rosie Tovar-Clements, and Jordan Williams.
The GMS Choir was under the direction of Kathi Richards and Erin Walter.

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