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May 28, 2014
Freshman art classes at Crossland Ninth Grade Center put their creative minds to work as they created large-scale sculptures.
For the first option of a large-scale sculpture, students were tasked with taking something that is originally small in real life and blowing it up on a large scale – in essence “where it becomes humorous, interesting to look at, out of the ordinary, and challenging to create,” commented art teacher Kellyn Reid. “The ultimate goal was to make people’s heads turn.”
Students came up with projects like a crayon box, Doritos bag, Starbucks cup, taco, and iPhone.
The second option was to make something using recycled materials, such as cardboard, plastic bottles, old dryer hoses.
“I wanted these students to work together, challenge themselves, and be as creative as possible, all while working on a much larger scale than they are used to,” Reid said.

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