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March 5, 2021 

One Act Play

Granbury ISD theater arts groups are preparing for productions and UIL one act play competition in Spring 2021. 

Granbury High School theater students presented Digging Up the Boys for parents and family members on March 2 in advance of the UIL high school competition is on Saturday, March 6 at Brewer High School in White Settlement. 

In the play by Laura Lundgren Smith, an old mine is about to be closed when part of it collapses, trapping three men. The women left above plead for help from the foreman, only to be rebuffed by the company line. Those above and below are left to whistle in the dark, desperate for a miracle – but the mine holds a terrible secret that will change their lives forever. 

Cast members are Amy Adams, Trinidad Carrillo, Zander Durham, Caleb Fisher, Levi Reese, Hannah Swaim, Emmie Vaughn, and Jack Watson. 

The play is under the direction of GHS theater arts teachers Mark Weeks and Melissa Hutson.  Student crew members are:  Jillian Tremble, stage manager; Holly Hodges, technical director and sound; Emily Pyle, lights; Jack Barefoot, crew; Sykora Hatten, fog master. 

One Act Play

One Act Play

One Act Play

Acton Middle School will travel to Joshua High School on April 23 to perform the play Oz by Don Zolidis. 

In the play, reeling from her sister's death, Beth suddenly finds herself journeying through a world suspiciously resembling the film The Wizard of Oz. With the yellow brick road sold to foreign investors after a financial meltdown, the Scarecrow reveling in his ignorant bliss, the Cowardly Lion acting like a paranoid sociopath, and the Tin Man embracing his emotional numbness, Beth wonders what role she plays in this classic story gone awry. The story is a hilarious and heart-wrenching exploration of grief and perseverance on the road to acceptance. 

Cast members are Grace Blevins, Eli Cashion, Kaylee Connor, Cutter Croley, Aiden Fisher, Fayth Fry, Kennedy Griffin, Brylea Hyde, Trevor Jackson, Michael Kracy, Aidan Lemens, Mackenzie Melvin, Baylor Oliver, and Ruth Power.  Alternates are Carlee Burnfield, Paislee Cogburn, Eva Keisler, and Audrey McKee. 

AMS theater arts teacher Caitlan Leblo is assisted by the student crew:  Brooke Wilson, stage manager; Riley Huisman, lights; Gracie Flowers, sound; Reagan Lloyd, costumes; Becca Dixon, props. 

Granbury Middle School will participate in a virtual play festival with the GMS thespians performing on the show streaming on Saturday, April 24. 

The troupe will perform S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders adapted by Christopher Sergel.  The story follows a young man on the wrong side of life who is caught up in territorial battles between the have-it-made rich kids, "The Socs," and his tough, underprivileged family and friends. As these young people try to find themselves and each other, the sadness of sophistication begins to reach them, and change them. 

Cast members are Sophia Alderson, Evan Baldridge, Kenna Black, Ella Aubrey Bradford, Mia Huerta, Brooklynn King, Kyleigh Ledesma, Lila Manny, Catherine Morel, Christine Myrick, Raelyn O’Dell, Brooklynn Palmer, Terry Robason, Sierra Stacey, Presley Thomas, and Skyann Turner. 

The play is led by GMS theater arts teacher Justin Barbee.  Student crew members are:  Raziel Byrom, stage manager; Antonio Martinez, lights; Karla Aguado, sound.