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April 16, 2021

Granbury High School Choir

Several Granbury ISD choir ensembles earned sweepstakes honors during UIL concert and sightreading competition for the Spring 2021. 

Granbury High School hosted Region 30 South Zone schools on April 14. 2021. All the GHS ensembles received Division I superior ratings including the varsity Mixed Chorus, Treble Chorus, and Tenor/Bass Chorus along with the non-varsity Treble and Tenor/Bass Choruses. 

Programs for the GHS groups were:

  • Varsity Mixed Chorus:  Daemon Irrepit Callidus (Orban), She Walks in Beauty (Barnum), Noel Ayisyen (Emile Desamour)
  • Varsity Treble Chorus:  Psalm 150 (keyboard) (Willcocks), O Frondens Virga (von Bingen/Collins), I Shall Weep at Night (Memley)
  • Varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus:  Miserere Mei, Deus (Allegri/Rodde), She Moved Through the Fair (Anon. or Trad./Takach), Invictus (Daniel J. Hall)
  • Non-Varsity Treble Chorus:  Regina coeli (from Litanie della Madonna) (Haydn/Weber), How Beautiful is Night (Eddleman), The Cloths of Heaven (SSA) (Daley)
  • Non-Varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus:  All My Trials (Anon. or Trad./Funk), The Old Brass Wagon (Anon. or Trad./Crocker), The Vagabond (Vaughan Williams/Lewis)

Granbury High School Choir

Acton Middle School and Granbury Middle School competed virtually. 

All AMS ensembles received Division I superior ratings for both concert and sightreading: 

  • Varsity Treble Chorus:  Ad Astra (Narverud), Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? (Anon. or Trad./Neaum), There is Sweet Music Here (Lightfoot)
  • Varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus:  Gloria in Excelsis Deo (from Gloria) (Vivaldi/Porterfield), Stars I Shall Find  (Johnson), Plenty Good Room (Randall Walters)
  • Non-Varsity Treble Chorus:  The Arrow and the Song (Matthews), Pie Jesu (Traditional Latin/Johnson), Gloria (from Gloria and Alleluia) (Schram)
  • Non-Varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus: Star of Light (Farnell), There Is a Balm in Gilead (Walters), Lacrimosa Menuet (Jones)

For GMS, the varsity Treble Chorus earned Division I ratings, while both the varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus and non-varsity Treble Chorus received superior ratings on stage and excellent ratings for sightreading.  Literature for those ensembles included: 

  • Varsity Treble Chorus:  La Violette (Susan Brumfield), My Heart's in the Highlands (Douglas E. Wagner), Gloria Fanfare (Laura Farnell)
  • Varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus: Come Travel With Me (Scott Farthing), Canto del Agua (David Hill), That Heart I'll Give (Laura Farnell)
  • Non-Varsity Treble Chorus:  J'entends Le Moulin (Emily Crocker), Nine Hundred Miles (Cristi Cary Miller), I Shall Not Pass This Way Again (Cristi Cary Miller)

GISD choir directors are:  GHS – Kendra Fisher and Kyle Wheatley; AMS – Randall Walters; GMS – Dawn Crnkovic and Emily Ross.