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April 22, 2022

Granbury High School varsity choirs earned sweepstakes honors at UIL concert and sightreading competition held April 20-21, 2022, at GHS.

Varsity Mixed Chorus, Treble Chorus, and Tenor/Bass Chorus all received Division I superior ratings for both stage and sightreading performances.

The non-varsity Treble and Tenor/Bass Choruses received excellent ratings in the concert portion of the competition and superior ratings for sightreading.

Programs for the GHS groups were:

  • Varsity Mixed Chorus:  Dawn (Barnum),  Bogoroditse Devo, raduisya (Sergei Rachmaninov), Salseo (Galian)
  • Varsity Treble Chorus:  Sing a New Song (Mendoza), Tota pulchra es (Durufle), Dominus Vobiscum (Jacob Nerverud)
  • Varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus:  O Sacrum Convivium (Viadana/A.T.D.), Die Minnesanger (The Minnesingers) (Schumann/Pfautsch/Oltman), Ramkali (Ethan Sperry)
  • Non-Varsity Treble Chorus:  The Tiger (Bernofsky), Freedom is Coming (Anders Nyberg), So wahr die Sonne scheinet (Schumann/Leavitt)
  • Non-Varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus:  Gloria in Excelsis Deo (from Gloria) (Vivaldi/Porterfield),  O Magnum Mysterium (Evan Ramos), The Irish Girl (ONeil)

GHS choir directors are Kendra Fisher and Kyle Wheatley.