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April 29, 2021


April 29, 2021 – 4:30 PM – Zoom


The Granbury ISD District Advisory Council met via Zoom on April 29, 2021, at 4:30pm. The meeting was convened by assistant superintendent Ron Holmgreen. 

Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Glenn discussed the district’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including recent school board action to make masks/face coverings optional. He also discussed the county vaccine clinic operating at the school administration building. 

Dr. Glenn reported that Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) funds are being released.  He indicated that GISD was looking about $10 million over the next three years.  Dr. Glenn said that the Texas Education Agency expected some instructional lag among students due to the pandemic.  Funds will help with accelerated learning and intervention. 

Wes Jones, human resources director, updated the DAC on COVID testing with nurses testing over 1,800 students and staff. He discussed staff retirements and the upcoming hiring season. 

Margaret Rodriquez, principal for the upcoming GISD summer school, said that over 700 students in grades K-8 are slotted for summer school, which will be held 27 days from 7:30-11:30am on Monday-Thursday at Granbury High School. Summer school will include high school acceleration and credit recovery as well as PK and K bilingual students. About 60 teachers are needed.  There will be End of Course testing at the end of June.  Holmgreen mentioned that breakfast, lunch, and transportation will be provided. 

Danielle Parsons, technology director, discussed the upcoming Teach 4 Greatness professional development sessions. 

Stacie Brown, new curriculum director, discussed professional development opportunities during the summer.  There are 99 opportunities available for registration through Eduphoria. Brown mentioned the ESSER funding. 

Trisha Suitt, assistant director of curriculum, reported on federal funding. GISD received $1.4 million for Title I programs this school year. These include instructional specialists, tutoring, supplies and materials to increase rigor, homeless supplies, Edgenuity, some professional development, parent involvement activities, and Saturday school at Baccus Elementary. Title II funds totaling $230,000 to pay for professional development and instructional coaching as well as related materials.  Title III funds of $61,000 were utilized for second-language learners for bilingual paraprofessionals as well as ESL/bilingual instructional materials. Title IV funds of $99,000 are for safe and healthy school and well-rounded education; the majority goes to the Communities in Schools partnership for social workers at GHS and Baccus. The department is beginning to plan for next school year. 

Brown reported that the curriculum department is in the data-gathering phase for the 2021-22 school year. A survey will be distributed to determine community and school needs for the ESSER funds. 

Jimmy Dawson, career and technical education director, reports that CTE enrollment has grown 26% over the past five years in the 17 programs of study. Following a recent program evaluation, new areas of study include early learning, web design, and aviation/flight. A new airplane has been secured for the aviation program, and meeting are being held with Tarrant County College about a possible memorandum of understanding about GHS students transitioning into a TCC pilot program. New technical dual credit courses through Weatherford College are being offered in welding and accounting; next year, classes will also include child development. To help with College Career Military Readiness (CCMR), GHS will include year-long dual enrollment classes in math through OnRamps offered through the University of Texas at Austin; students have the option to accept the college credit. Dawson will be working with AVID campuses and teachers on aligning with AVID and GISD goals. 

Holmgreen discussed upcoming STAAR exams in May 2021. Students will receive raw scores, and the district will receive data on CCMR but district and campuses will not receive state accountability ratings.  High school students must still pass End of Course exams for graduation. 

Holmgreen thanked the United Way for providing funds to families impacted by the winter storm in February. 

The meeting was adjourned. 


The following participants recorded their attendance through the Zoom Chat:


  • Stacie Brown-Curriculum Director
  • Melody Holly - Teacher
  • Jeremy Glenn - Administration
  • Jana Reid--teacher GHS/department chairman
  • Tammy Jo Burns - GHS Librarian
  • LeighAnn Walker - Teacher
  • Jeff Meador - Communications Director
  • Nuvia Velazquez-2nd Dual-Language Teacher
  • Lori Williams ~ 2nd grade Oak Woods
  • Danielle Parsons —Director of Technology
  • Ron Holmgreen Assistant Sup
  • Margaret Rodriquez, STARS/BTC Principal
  • Todd Gibson - Teacher
  • Patricia Green - Community Member
  • Maggie Walton - AP at AES
  • Karla Willmeth - AES Principal
  • Belinda Linker- Instructional Specialist
  • Haylee Hering- Teacher
  • Kim Keys - Teacher / AMS
  • Tammy Bodine-Teacher-GHS
  • Shanna McPherson-Teacher Acton Elementary
  • Alex Southern, PIO, City of Granbury
  • Emmett Whitefield - Director of Finance and Facilities
  • Donna Dumas - GMS Teacher
  • Dwight Butler -AD
  • Brian Caruthers - Transportation
  • Trisha Suitt - Assistant Director Curriculum & Instruction
  • Wes Jones - Granbury ISD HR Director
  • Brandon Duncan teacher
  • Tammy Clark- GMS Principal
  • Wade Clark- CTE teacher
  • Cindy Leatherman - Teacher GHS & Social Studies Department Chair
  • Heather Boisjolie- Brawner AP
  • Jenna Griffin-4th Grade Teacher, Baccus
  • Emily Schigut - Teacher / Mambrino STEAM
  • Jincy Ross - Brawner
  • Stephanie Espinosa- Sped para/Oak Woods
  • Donnie Cody- principal, Oak Woods
  • Julie Rohleder - principal Nettie Baccus
  • Becky Mauldin- comm member & parent
  • Laura Williams GMS Teacher
  • Carmen Phillips Acton Middle School Attendance
  • Toni Thomas BTC
  • Gaylene Carpenter - SpEd Teacher- ERS
  • Jimmy Dawson - CTE Director