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September 30, 2021


September 30, 2021 – 4:45 PM – Zoom


The Granbury ISD District Advisory Council met via Zoom on September 30, 2021, at 4:45pm. The meeting was convened by assistant superintendent Jimmy Dawson. 

Welcome and Superintendent Update 

Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Glenn began by discussing with the decline in COVID-19 positive cases among GISD students and staff.  

Dr. Glenn shared a demographic report presented at the first Long Range Planning Committee meeting on September 27. He mentioned expected growth in student enrollment coming from new housing and subdivisions in Granbury and Cresson. The report and video is available on the LRPC website at 

Assistant Superintendent Update 

Assistant superintendent Tammy Clark discussed the Teacher Incentive Allotment. The district is in the planning stage with an intent to apply. A teacher focus group meeting was held to discuss potential local designation system; an additional focus group meeting will be held. The local designation system will be designed in October or November. 

Assistant superintendent Jimmy Dawson presented a proposed District of Innovation plan for a new five-year period beginning in February 2022 because the current plan will be expiring.  The new plan includes added teacher certification flexibility for bilingual and dual language classes as well as out-of-state certified teachers. Areas included in the first plan will continue, per the proposal.  There were no questions, and Dawson then provided a link for DAC members to vote on the proposed plan. Dawson reported 100% of respondents voted in favor of approving the proposal.

Dawson reported that October 25, 2021, will now be a staff day and student holiday to allow teachers and staff more planning time. 

Human Resources Update 

Wes Jones, Director of Human Resources, discussed the second Leadership Experiences for Aspiring Professionals (LEAP) Academy class that will learning about district operations over the rest of the school year. 

Jones reported on the substitute teacher fill rate, which has increased over the first several weeks of school. He also discussed the employment of full-time substitutes to cover teachers participating in professional development. 

Curriculum Update 

Stacie Brown, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, discussed the district’s Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) Accelerated Learning Plan that is providing funding to cover many intervention programs and staff positions to address any lags in student learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Brown also discussed House Bill 4545 to provide instructional interventions as well as upcoming professional development trainings. 

College, Career & Military Readiness (CCMR) Update 

Todd Gibson, Director of Career and Technical Education, discussed the CCMR accountability designation. He mentioned that the Texas Education Agency may remove the military criteria, leaving the designation to focus on college and career readiness. Gibson also reported course pathways leading to industry-based certifications, with 109 certifications earned by students last year. Additional certifications are planned in other programs of study. 

Jeremy Ross, principal of Granbury High School, reported on OnRamps courses offered through a dual enrollment program at the University of Texas at Austin. Students can earn college credit in these rigorous, year-long courses. Current classes offered are Alegbra 2, statistics, and precalculus. With dual enrollment, students can choose whether or not to add the class and grade to their college transcript. The high school is looking to expand OnRamps into other areas beyond the current course offerings. 


The meeting concluded at 5:26 P.M. 

Future DAC meeting dates:

  • Thurs., Dec. 2, 2021 – 4:45pm (via Zoom)
  • Thurs., Mar. 31, 2022 – 4:45pm (via Zoom) 


  • Tammy Bodine - Granbury High School, CTE Special Populations Specialist
  • Heather Boisjolie - STEAM Academy at Mambrino, Principal
  • Stacie Brown - Curriculum Dept., Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Tammy Burns - Granbury High School, Librarian
  • Brian Caruthers - Transportation Dept., Director of Transportation
  • Tammy Clark - Assistant Superintendent
  • Colin Contreras - Granbury High School, science teacher
  • Shelly Curtsinger - Special Education Dept., Director of Special Education
  • Jimmy Dawson - Assistant Superintendent
  • Malley DeYoung - Oak Woods School, 3rd grade teacher
  • Heather Dooley - Acton Middle School, 7th grade ELA teacher
  • Kim Dove - Granbury High School, English teacher
  • Donna Dumas - Granbury Middle School, AVID teacher
  • Brandon Duncan - Granbury Middle School, Social Studies Department Head
  • Leslie Ghiglieri - Granbury High School, Dean of Instruction
  • Todd Gibson - Career and Technical Education Dept., Director of Career and Technical Education
  • Chelsey Gibson - Oak Woods School, Principal
  • Jeremy Glenn - Superintendent
  • Patricia Green - community member
  • Jimmy Heffernan - Granbury High School, Assistant Principal
  • Lynette Higgins - Oak Woods School, Teacher
  • Liz Howard - STEAM Academy at Mambrino, 3rd grade ELA teacher
  • Jenny Hughes – STARS/BTC, science teacher
  • Clarissa Jackson - Brawner Elementary School, 1st grade teacher
  • Wes Jones - Human Resources Dept., Director of Human Resources
  • Kim Keys - Acton Middle School, Teacher
  • Melissa Knight - Granbury High School, Teacher
  • Kellie Lambert - Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy, Principal
  • Brianne Langdon - Granbury High School, Teacher
  • Becky Mauldin - parent/community member
  • Melissa McHugh - Baccus Elementary School, Resource Teacher
  • Shanna McPherson - Acton Elementary School, Media Specialist
  • Leah McWilliams - Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy, PK teacher
  • Jeff Meador - Communications Dept., Director of Communications
  • Lauren Mills - Oak Woods School, LLI
  • Mallory Myers - Brawner Elementary School, Instructional Specialist
  • Amy Parker - Support Services Dept., Director of Child Nutrition
  • Patti Parsons - Special Education Dept., Assistant Director of Special Education
  • Jennifer Pennington - Acton Middle School, Principal
  • Felicia Peters - business representative
  • Carmen Phillips - Acton Middle School, Attendance Clerk
  • Kellie Pollock - Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy, Library Media Specialist
  • Tiffinie Pounds - Acton Elementary School, Instructional Specialist
  • Dana Reinke - Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy, PK teacher
  • Liz Robblee - Granbury High School, ASL teacher
  • Margaret Rodriquez – STARS/BTC, Principal
  • Julie Rohleder - Baccus Elementary School, Principal
  • Jincy Ross - Brawner Elementary School, Principal
  • Jeremy Ross - Granbury High School, Principal
  • Sandra Ruiz - Brawner Elementary School, Assistant Principal
  • Samantha Schleder Briscoe - Baccus Elementary School, 5th grade math teacher
  • Julie Sellers - Brawner Elementary School, Intervention Program Specialist
  • Trisha Suitt - Curriculum Dept., Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Unidentified - 2nd grade teacher
  • Nuvia Velazquez - Brawner Elementary School, 3rd grade dual language teacher
  • LeighAnn Walker - Acton Elementary School, Teacher
  • Misty Walters – STARS/BTC, Counselor
  • Laura Williams - Granbury Middle School,
  • Karla Willmeth - Acton Elementary School, Principal
  • Brent Wilson - Technology Dept., Director of Technology