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December 2, 2021


December 2, 2021 – 4:45 PM – Zoom


The Granbury ISD District Advisory Council met via Zoom on December 2, 2021, at 4:45pm. The meeting was convened by assistant superintendent Jimmy Dawson. 

Assistant Superintendent Update 

Assistant superintendent Tammy Clark provided an update on the Long Range Planning Committee.  The final meeting is on Monday, December 6, when the committee will consider a resolution with recommendations to the school board. The recommendation may include a call for a bond election to improve district facilities. 

Assistant superintendent Jimmy Dawson presented drafts of three 2022-23 school calendars. He explained the components of each calendar option. All district staff will receive a survey to vote on their preference for the calendar. 

Technology Update 

Brent Wilson, Director of Technology, stated that the district will be implementing federal standards in order to protect student information. Staff user accounts will have a screen lock feature on computers that will require the user to log back into their computer after 15 minutes of idleness or non-use.  Always-on and secure devices such as SMART Boards and print stations will not be included. 

Human Resources Update 

Wes Jones, Director of Human Resources, reported that district nurse Elizabeth Perchard will be taking over as the COVID-19 rapid testing program administrator. 

Curriculum Update 

Trisha Suitt, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction, stated the department will form a steering committee to consider professional development programming. 

The department will also gather a group to review and evaluate the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) Accelerated Learning Plan.  The district received $10.5 million through this federal program to fund additional positions and intervention initiatives to address student learning needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tammy Clark reported that School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) held its first meeting on November 30. Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the district website.  The council heard a presentation from the Paluxy River Children’s Advocacy Center and will be considering health curriculum for recommendations to the school board.  There will be a subcommittee on physical activity.  Elizabeth Perchard is the SHAC coordinator, and the council will meet four times during the school year to make recommendations to the school board. 

College, Career & Military Readiness (CCMR) Update

Todd Gibson, Director of Career and Technical Education, reported on new dual enrollment classes that currently include math and computer science courses and that physics will be added for the 2022-23 school year.  Tarleton State University is developing its own dual enrollment program through OnRamps courses.  Special education students may also earn CCMR status if they graduate with an advanced diploma plan with an endorsement; the addition of an algebraic reasoning course will assist these students and others earn a fourth math credit.  CTE programs include numerous industry-based certification options for students in all career clusters.  Planning is ongoing for the 2022-23 school year, and registration will begin soon. 

Jeremy Ross, principal of Granbury High School, discussed upcoming use of Texas College Bridge to provide additional CCMR support to begin in Spring 2022. Upon successful completion, the program exempts students from Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements and the need for developmental classes when starting college. 


Topics addressed during Q&A included Teach 4 Greatness, Teacher Incentive Allotment, and the LRPC meeting.


The meeting concluded at 5:15 P.M. 


Future DAC meeting dates:

  • Thurs., Mar. 31, 2022 – 4:45pm (via Zoom) 


  • Tammy Bodine – Granbury High School, CTE Special Populations Specialist
  • Heather Boisjolie – STEAM Academy at Mambrino, Principal
  • Samantha Briscoe – Baccus Elementary School, 5th grade math teacher
  • Tammy Jo Burns – Granbury High School, librarian
  • Dwight Butler – Athletics/Community Education Dept., Director of Athletics
  • Tammy Clark – Assistant Superintendent
  • Colin Contreras – Granbury High School, science teacher
  • Shelly Curtsinger – Special Education Dept., Director of Special Education
  • Jimmy Dawson – Assistant Superintendent
  • Malley DeYoung – Oak Woods School, 3rd grade teahcer
  • Heather Dooley – Acton Middle School, 7th grade ELA teacher
  • Kim Dove – Granbury High School, English teacher
  • Donna Dumas – Granbury Middle School, AVID teacher
  • Leslie Ghiglieri – Granbury High School, Dean of Instruction
  • Todd Gibson – Career and Technical Education Dept., Director of Career and Technical Education
  • Ashley Gill – Granbury Middle School, Instructional Specialist
  • Jimmy Heffernan – Granbury High School, Assistant Principal
  • Lynette Higgins – Oak Woods School, 5th grade teacher
  • Liz Howard – STEAM Academy at Mambrino, 3rd grade ELA teacher
  • Jenny Hughes – STARS/BTC, science teacher
  • Clarissa Jackson – Brawner Elementary School, 1st grade teacher
  • Wes Jones – Human Resources Dept., Director of Human Resources
  • Kim Keys – Acton Middle School, Teacher
  • Kellie Lambert – Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy, Principal
  • Leah McWilliams – Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy, PK teacher
  • Jeff Meador – Communications Dept., Director of Communications
  • Lauren Mills – Oak Woods School, LLI
  • Mallory Myers – Brawner Elementary School, Instructional Specialist
  • Amy Parker – Support Services Dept., Director of Child Nutrition
  • Patti Parsons – Special Education Dept., Assistant Director of Special Education
  • Jennifer Pennington – Acton Middle School, Principal
  • Carmen Phillips - Acton Middle School, Attendance Clerk
  • Tiffinie Pounds – Acton Elementary School, Instructional Specialist
  • Dana Reinke – Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy, PK teacher
  • Liz Robblee – Granbury High School, ASL teacher
  • Margaret Rodriquez – STARS/BTC, Principal
  • Jeremy Ross – Granbury High School, Principal
  • Jincy Ross – Brawner Elementary School, Principal
  • Sandy Ruiz – Brawner Elementary School, Assistant Principal
  • Toni Segars – parent
  • Trisha Suitt - Curriculum Dept., Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Nuvia Velazquez - Brawner Elementary School, 3rd grade dual language teacher
  • Misty Walters – STARS/BTC, Counselor
  • Emmett Whitefield – Business Office, Chief Financial Officer
  • Laura Williams - Granbury Middle School, science teacher
  • Karla Willmeth - Acton Elementary School, Principal
  • Brent Wilson - Technology Dept., Director of Technology