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May 14, 2014
Career Exploration  
Seventh grade career exploration students from Granbury Middle School and Acton Middle School researched technology at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival near Waxahachie during a special student day on April 29, 2014.
During the visit, the Granbury students were able to experience technology in the English Renaissance period. This followed class research of various topics related to technology during the 1600’s to modern time, according to GMS teacher Valerie Brau and AMS teacher Mary Cutlip.
Students were assigned to compare and contrast the processes and the results. Topics included glass blowing, printing, bookbinding, black smithy, armorer, architecture/construction, clothing manufacturing, agriculture, health care, emergency response, public safety, government, and communication.
After selecting their topic, the students are utilizing web-based presentation tools to assist in their oral presentations.   Throughout the year students exercise their presentation and technology abilities so that they can build strong communication skills for their future, the teachers said.

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