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May 23, 2014
Financial Literacy  
Over eighty students in banking and financial services and career preparatory classes at Granbury High School recently completed a financial literacy program. Certificates were presented to the classes on May 21, 2014.
Utilizing the EverFi online financial literacy program, students covered material on nine topics: savings; banking; payment, interest rates, and credit cards; credit score; financing higher education; renting vs. owning; taxes and insurance; consumer fraud; and investing. The program is a new media learning platform that uses the latest technology – including video, animation, gaming, and social networking – to bring complex financial concepts to life for today’s digital generation.
“Prosperity Bank makes it possible for us to have access to this program through their funding,” commented GHS teacher Tammy Bodine, who thanked the bank for sponsoring the program for the third year.
On hand for the presentation were bank representatives Jessie Gomez and Kathy Roberts (pictured above).
Students in the classes are: Allison Albritton, Christian Aldama, Kayla Barrington, Jackalyn Bruton, Gracie Cueller, Teresa Dollins, Jordan Dusek, Justin Eason, Drew Estes, Breeni Fine, Cassidy Furkin, Hunter Glenn, Shanain Hackler, Brittany Hargrove, Macarty Hawker, Maria Hernandez, Shelby Hord, Blake Kenrick, Myles Langston, Kaitlyn Laura, Dillon Logue, Brandon Martin, Christopher Martinez, Joel Martinez, Lan McLellan, Emma McWilliams, Brentley Miles, Shelby Millsap, Joseph Montoya, Korbin Moore, Monique Morales, Brittany Nagel, Sierra Pearce, Alejandro Perez, Alec Pollard, Hunter Pollard, Francisco Prieto, Curtis Proctor, Devin Riedemann, Ryan Riley, Briana Robinson, Sandra Ruiz, Christy Sandoval, Christie Shaw, Eduardo Simental, Collin Smith, Daniel Stowe, Mariya Swann, Sofia Taylor, Logan Tracy, Kennedy Turner, Delila Valverde, Becca Vara, Catherine Vasquez, Aza Villareal, Shanel Villarial, Gabriel Watkins, Christopher West, Brandon Westlake, Iesha Wideman, Geoffrey Williams.

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