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May 13, 2016
Granbury FFA members received awards during the Chapter Awards Banquet on May 12, 2016, at Granbury High School.
Granbury FFA  
New chapter officers for the 2016-17 were installed:  Brandon Jurado, president; Hunter Prewitt, first vice president; Ricky Amador; Alyx Bradley; Emily Brite; Macey Burch; Caitlin Hutson; Maclane May; Alex Myers; Ben Valles.
They succeed outgoing officers:  Sarah Spradlin, president; Alex Myers, first vice president; Lynne’ Bell and Sean Keys, secretaries; Maddie Ollinger and Hunter Prewitt, treasurers; Alyx Bradley and Emily Brite, reporters; Brandon Jurado and Ben Valles, sentinels.
Top chapter members receiving Star Awars were: 
  • Outstanding Senior Award:  Sarah Spradlin
  • Star Chapter Award:  Caitlin Hudson
  • Star Greenhand Award:  Tanyon Wickline
  • Ag Mechanics Proficiency Award:  Hunter Trice
  • Beef Proficiency Award:  Lynne’ Bell
  • Diversified Livestock Production Award:  Brandon Montgomery
  • Goat Proficiency Award:  Grace Thomas
  • Sheep Proficiency Award:  Maddie Ollinger
  • Small Animal Proficiency Award:  Ashleigh Wilson
  • Swine Proficiency Award:  Priscilla Madearis
Students also were honored for their achievement in competitions:
Leadership Development Events
  • Agricultural Advocacy:  Emily Brite, Maclane May, Alex Myers, and Sarah Spradlin (4th in District)
  • Senior Chapter Conducting:  Alex Myers, Gracie Thomas, Sean Keys, Landon Butler, Amanda Rhode, Nick Grant, Sydnie Knowles, Ben Valles (4th in District)
  • Junior Chapter Conducting:  Darion Kelley, Lakayla Bell, Ben Lillagore, Trevor Stringer, Preston Phillips, Shane Rudd, Skylar Skipper, and Tanyon Wickline (1rd in District, 7th in Area)
  • Senior Creed:  Macey Burch (9th in District)
  • Junior Creed:  Mikayla Hamilton (5th in District)
  • Job Interview:  Samantha Adams (11th in District)
  • Public Relations:  Brandon Jurado, Dallis McCollum, Taylor Parrish, and Drake Sanders (9th in District)
  • Senior Quiz:  Sean Keys, Sarah Spradlin, Lynne Bell, Harley Walts, and Maddie Ollinger (1st in District, 3rd in Area)
  • Junior Quiz:  Harley Walts, Sarah Petty, Caitlyn Sprague, and Trevor Stringer (5th in District)
  • Radio:  Landon Butler, Karleigh Hesser, and Caitlin Hutson (2th in District, 7th in Area)
  • Senior Skills:  Astyn Alexander, Blake Barker, Alyx Bradley, Nathan Mabery, and Brandon Montgomery (4th in District)
Career Development Events
  • Agronomy:  Astyn Alexander, Alyx Bradley, Ricky Amador, Hunter Prewitt (3rd in State); Mattison Allen, Nathan Mabery, Maclane May, Skylar Skipper (11th in State)
  • Dairy Cattle:  Dallis McCollum, Dakota Berlin, Shaughn Shivley, Tanner Crosslin, and Sam Pence (8th in Area)
  • Entomology:  Alex Myers, Brandon Jurardo, Ben Valles, and Macey Burch (1st in Area, 5th in State, 2nd in Nation)
  • Horse:  Grace Thomas, Lana Bell, Lakayla Bell, Mikayla Hamilton, and Trisha Gryder (1th in Area, 21st in State)
  • Land:  Seaton Berry, Hunter Prewitt, Sean Keys, Preston Phillips, and Sydnie Knowles (7th in Area)
  • Livestock:  Brandon Montgomery, Karleigh Hesser, Alyx Bradley, Maddie Ollinger (25th in Area)
  • Meats:  Sarah Spradlin, Taylor Phillips, Emily Brite, Maclane May, Sam Pence, and Ben Lillagore (2nd in Area, 28th in State)
  • Range:  Tanyon Wickline, Ashleigh Wilson, Trevor Stringer, and Savannah Oliver (3rd in Area, 47th in State)
  • Veterinary Technology:  Samantha Adams, Lynne Bell, Caitlin Hutson, Baylee Baxter, and McKenna Drummer (6th in Area, 53rd in State)
Other students recognized were:
  • Chapter FFA Degree:  Astyn Alexander, Seaton Berry, Garrett Boling, Emily Brite, Hayden Campbell, Bailey Cates, Braden Cates, Hunter Clark, Mason Ethridge, Joseph Fowler, Jarred Franks, Jessica Garcia, Kenneth Green, Trisha Gryder, Caitlin Hutson, Nathan Mabery, Maclane May, JT Mayne, Faith McDonald, Bryton Nicole, Alissa Oquendo, Asa Redburn, Kennedy Roy, Daegon Saffle, Kyle Saunders, Madison Scott, Kylee Sparks, Joseph Spriet, Abigail Swaim, Hunter Trice, Olen West, Ashleigh Wilson
  • Greenhand Degree:  Mattison Allen, Ricky Amador, LaKayla Bell, Tyler Bingham, Koltin Bush, Phillip Clay, Courtney Corb, Hailey Crawford, Katie Cullom, Kassidee Dionne, McKenna Drummer, Brandi Elliott, Nicholas Fermin, Cesar Garcia, Paige Gossett, Trey Green, Maddi Guill, Julisa Gutierrez, Mikayla Hamilton, Hunter Harrison, Samantha Hawley, Mickayla Henderson, Mariah Hernandez, Molly Johnson, Logan Jurado, Darian Kelly, Kody Krause, Jake Krause, Kayman Legan, Ben Lillagore, Priscilla Madeans, Carley Matsinger, Faith Miller, Savannah Oliver, Marissa Overman, Alyssa Parrack, Leann Patterson, Diana Peru, Sarah Petty, Preston Phillips, Don Powers, Caranda Prater, Jennifer Prater, Matthew Rudd, Destany Sawyer, McKenzie Scott, Cole Seeton, Skylar Skipper, Caitlyn Sprague, Trevor Stinger, Michael Tharn, Harley Walts, Tanyon Wickline, Toni Wright
  • Junior FFA:  Kaylynn Beech, Shelby Beech, Aryane Clark, Hannah Cole, Jade Cox, Tye Foster, Julia Keys, Grady Mabery, Tyler Overman, Laynee Pence, Kyla Shelnutt, Aiden Valles, Shayla Valles, Krizln VanPatten, Makaia Wilkerson, Madisen Williams
Eight seniors retired their jackets at the conclusion of the banquet:  Lynne’ Bell, Bryan Elder, Bryan Liles, Case Oxford, Taylor Phillips, Amanda Rohde, Sarah Spradlin, Dallas Taylor.
GHS assistant principal Patti Sanderson was presented with the Blue and Gold Award, which is based on all the principles of FFA – leadership, cooperation, and citizenship – and presented to a school, community, and organizational leader.  Russell Neely Hospital was recognized with the Honorary Chapter Degree for his willingness to help the chapter whenever needed.
Agricultural science teachers and FFA sponsors are Trey Keys, Chelsea Campbell, Tyler McCoy, and Courtney Overstreet. 

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