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May 17, 2018


2018-19 Granbury FFA Officers


Granbury FFA members received awards during the Chapter Awards Banquet on May 14, 2018, at Granbury High School.

Welcome remarks were provided by former U.S. Representative Charlie Stenholm, who served the 17th congressional district from 1979-2005 and was the Ranking Member on the House Agriculture Committee.  Stenholm spoke about his high school days in the FFA chapter at Stamford High School in the late 1950’s, teaching vocational agriculture in Avoca, and working in ag-related jobs before his election to Congress.


New chapter officers for the 2017-18 were installed:  LaKayla Bell, president; Brayden Brockman, vice president; Whitney Carrol and Julia Keys, secretaries; Madisen Williams and Kyla Shelnutt, treasurers; Sydney Sanders and Jaden Easley, reporters; David Muro and Lareina Lett, sentinels.


Top chapter members receiving Star Awars were: 

  • Star Chapter Award:  Kyla Shelnutt
  • Star Discovery Award:  Tye Foster
  • Star Greenhand Award:  Jaden Easley
  • Ag Mechanics Proficiency Award:  Hunter Trice
  • Beef Proficiency Award:  Caeley Cody
  • Diversified Livestock Production Award:  Kyla Shelnutt
  • Goat Proficiency Award:  Naomi Ornelles
  • Sheep Proficiency Award:  Ashleigh Wilson
  • Small Animal Proficiency Award:  Mikayla Hamilton
  • Swine Proficiency Award:  Marissa Overman
  • Top Sales Award:  meat – Madisen Williams; fruit – Ashleigh Wilson
  • Hood County Livestock Raisers Association Scholarship:  Trisha Gryder

Students also were honored for their achievement in competitions:


Leadership Development Events

  • Senior Chapter Conducting:  Joe Fowler, Tanyon Wickline, Preston Phillips, Logan Jurado, Whitney Carrol, Julia Keys, Kyla Shelnutt, and Madisen Williams (3rd in District)
  • Senior Quiz:  Harley Walts, Sarah Petty, Trisha Gryder, and Maci Langston (3rd in District)
  • Radio:  Caitlin Hutson, Whitney Carrol, and Maclane May (8th in District)

Career Development Events

  • Livestock:  Gracie Martinez, Mickayla Henderson, Brayden Brockman, and Josh Bokor (14th in District, 38th in Area)
  • Horse:  Trisha Gryder, Lakayla Bell, Naomi Ornelles, Mikayla Hamilton, and Alex Schott (9th in District, 18th in Area)
  • Range:  Tanyon Wickline, Ashleigh Wilson, Kyla Shelnutt, and Julia Keys (1st in District, 2nd in Area and State Qualifier)
  • Entomology:  Tina Pham, Harley Walts, and Sarah Petty (3rd in District, 4th in Area and State Qualifier)
  • Veterinary Science:  Caitlin Hutson, Whitney Carrol, McKenna Drummer, Carley Matsinger, Jaden Easley, and Jennifer Hernandez (2nd in District, 3th in Area, and State Qualifier)
  • Wool:  Ricky Amador, Bailey Cates, Darian Kelley, Chandler Steele, and Lareina Lett (2nd in District, 4th in Area, and State Qualifier)
  • Wildlife:  Joe Fowler, David Muro, and Austin Sommerfield (7th in District, 11th in Area)
  • Poultry:  Madisen Williams, Whitley Townes, Brandi Elliot, and Priscilla Madearis (9th in District, 19th in Area)

Speaking Development Events

  • Senior Prepared Agribusiness:  Darian Kelley (4th in District)
  • Senior Prepared Animal Science:  Whitney Carrol (7th in District)
  • Senior Prepared Natural Resources:  Kyla Shelnutt (3rd in District)
  • Senior Prepared Plant Science:  Harley Walts (3rd in District)

Other students recognized were:

  • Chapter FFA Degree:  Cody Barina, Ally Beatty, Brayden Brockman, Colton Brown, Whitney Carrol, Trinity Cline, Caeley Cody, Maci Cowan, Tyler Ditto, Angie Gomez, Veronica Gomez, Afton Haayer, Tyler Hardt, Mason Harrington, Sydney Johnson, Julia Keys, Maci Langston, Grady Mabery, Kaity Malloy, Gracie Martinez, Syrah Mitchell, Jessica Nickell, Laynee Pence, Mercedes Rodriquez, Wyatt Roy, Mackenzy Sain, Halzton Salazar, Carlos Sarinana, Kyla Shelnutt, Kassidy Singleton, Caleb Sprague, Jayson Sprang, Jaspper St. Clair, Chandler Steele, Darrin Stone, Bridget Teran, Whitley Townes, Nathaniel Valdez, Ruben Veliz, Madisen Williams, Britni Wilson
  • Greenhand Degree:  Caleb Anderson, Stephanie Bell, Jacob Bennett, Abby Bent, Joshua Bokor, Hunter Bravenec, Austin Callaway, Halie Canada, Camryn Carnes, Alyssa Crabbe, Keeton DeRouen, Jaden Easley, Madison Emerson, Zachary Eminger, Lillian Fuller, Ethan Genn, Jacee Gilmore, Angel Green, Briana Head, Jennifer Hernandez, Chloee Hickey, Paige Joffrion, Zane Jones, Zachary Kinsfather, Johnny Kirk, Lareina Lett, Kendal Livingston, Abigail Maples, Nicholas Mayberry, Luci McManus, Rylie Miller, Sydney Mitchell, Hector Morales, Brandon Morris, Tristan Morris, David Muro, Ronin Olson, Naomi Ornelles, Tina Pham, Tyler Rains, Nancy Ransom, Natalie Rasco, Abby Redburn, Samuel Reinhardt, Victoria Salazar, Sydney Sanders, Alexandra Schott, Austin Sommerfeld, Emie Squires, Casen Swindle, Lanee Taylor, Hunter Terry, Shayla Valles, Lauren Wilde, Teddy Wininger
  • Junior FFA:  Kaylynn Beech, Shelby Beech, Branlee Carlisle, Wyatt Carlisle, Wyatt Carrol, Emerald Cline, Jade Cox, Simon Crew, Rylan DeRouen, Tye Foster, Mckenzie Hamilton, Noah Madearis, Skyler Mitchell, Andrew Nickell, Tyler Overman, Bryson Sparks, Aiden Valles, Makaia Wilkerson, Trey Wilkins

Granbury ISD superintendent Dr. James Largent was presented with the Blue and Gold Award, which is based on all the principles of FFA – leadership, cooperation, and citizenship – and presented to a school, community, and organizational leader.  Kimberly Goodson, secretary for the GISD career and technical education department, was recognized with the Honorary Chapter Degree for her willingness to help the chapter whenever needed.


Agricultural science teachers and FFA sponsors are Trey Keys, Courtney Hinojosa, Agustin Hinojosa, and Kaci Major.