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June 27, 2018


Texas EMS Ambulance Donation


Texas EMS, the local emergency response provider, donated an ambulance to the Granbury ISD career and technical education department in May 2018.


The ambulance, which was being retired from the Texas EMS fleet, will be a valuable, real-world learning laboratory for Granbury High School health science students taking classes on the career of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).


In the health science area, GHS students learn all aspects of the health care industry, participate in clinical rotations at local health care facilities, and can earn industry certifications.  The program offers two tracks – pharmacy and EMT with fourth-year practicums following classes on principles, medical terminology, and theory.


The EMT practicum is designed to give students practical application in the classroom and in clinical settings. Students interested in pursuing an EMT certification will have the opportunity to complete a portion of the foundational coursework from the Weatherford College EMT program and be prepared for rotations with an EMS department. Students must apply to the Weatherford College program upon graduation and be accepted in order to complete the EMT program. Prior to the EMT exam, the student must complete ride-along requirements.


Texas EMS Ambulance Donation


Texas EMS Ambulance Donation


Texas Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was founded in April 2002 as a non-profit emergency response provider.  In addition, the local staff recently provided training for school district staff as GISD became a “heart safe” district through the Project ADAM program.


Pictured above are GHS health science students with the new training vehicle.  Also on hand were Texas EMS executive director Verne Walker and clinical coordinator Jodi Fries, GHS principal Jeremy Ross, GISD CTE director Judy Gentry, and GHS health science teachers Christy Pieren and Sonya Byrd.