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March 27, 2019 

Engineering Project for Second Chance Farm Puppies

Granbury High School engineering students have taken on a special community service project to help two puppies from Second Chance Farm. 

Through engineering design and development classes, students have been crafting a cart with wheels so that the two dogs – named “Will” and “Grace” – can get around.  The three-month-old siblings, who are likely chihuahua-terrier mixes, were born without front legs – something they inherited through their father. 

With software and a 3-D printer, the classes are designing and creating the carts.  A prototype was presented to farm director Sandi Walker and foster “mom” Deena Spivey on March 27, 2019. 

Engineering Project for Second Chance Farm Puppies

Engineering Project for Second Chance Farm Puppies

Second Chance Farm offers quality care and a place of refuge for abused, physically handicapped, aged, or homeless animals. The open space facility helps protect the quality of life of these animals while improving their wellbeing through prevention, education, intervention, placement, and lifetime care, so they can live out their lives with dignity, respect and love. 

Granbury ISD schools have been long-time supporter of the farm and its residents – including “Doofus,” a special spokesperson who is overcoming deafness and blindness to live a happy live.