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September 24, 2020

The Anchor

From Granbury High School Business Marketing Students:

The ribbon cutting for the opening of The Anchor School Store will be on Thursday, October 8, 2020, at 2:00 P.M.

The Anchor is a store located inside of Granbury High School run by Senior students who are studying the business marketing pathway. They have completed multiple classes and showed expertise in business and leadership to be chosen to run the store. The goal of The Anchor is to give the students who run the store a real opportunity to run and operate a business so they get experience for the future.

The Anchor Crew consists of ten Seniors. Cordel Gibson, Mclain Golba, Emma Castillo, Brady Willmeth, Blake Wann, Raines Riddle, Brenden Ely, Lauren Aramburu, Caleb Pritchard, and Ryan Felton. Marketing teacher, Kylee Peterson, serves as the advisor.

The Crew is full of good young people who are destined to do great things in their future for the community.

Career and Technical Education helps prepare students to succeed in high demand occupations within the 21st century's competitive global economy by promoting quality instructional partnerships with business, industry, and the community to prepare students for post-secondary education and employment in a competitive global economy. Students participating in CTE programs of study master rigorous academic and relevant technical concepts that encourage students to make the effort to succeed.

The mission of Granbury ISD’s Career and Technical Education program is to offer students quality instructional opportunities in both academic and career oriented programs of study to successfully prepare students for the challenges of post-secondary education and a globally competitive workforce.