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April 5, 2022

Granbury High School aerospace engineering students observed a demonstration of helmet mounted systems by Elbit Systems on April 1, 2021, at Granbury Regional Airport.

Pilots must constantly maintain the highest levels of situational awareness – whether air-to-air, air-to-ground, or to-and-from the mission core – in order to successfully achieve their operational goals, according to the organization.

According to Elbit, Helmet Mounted Systems (HMS) enable pilots to view flight data, sensor, and 3D location-based information within direct line-of-sight (LOS). The HMS allows the pilot to slave the aircraft’s sensors to its avionics systems and missiles simply by looking at the target.

Led by aviation teacher Mark Kirk, the GHS aerospace engineering course propels students' learning in the fundamentals of atmospheric and space flight. Students explore the history and evolution of aviation and aerospace, the fundamental aircraft controls, the physics of flight, the aerodynamics of the airfoil, navigation, propulsion systems, GPS systems, materials/composites, frame design, orbital mechanics, space exploration, and more. Students also work with Eagles Nest Project to build an RV12 airplane. Several field trips allow students to investigate airplanes, airports, aviation industries and expos around the area.