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July 14, 2014
Granbury ISD school trustees reviewed a plan for the transformation of Granbury High School during a special meeting on July 14, 2014.
The renovations and additions to the high school campus are part of an $84.9 million bond program approved by voters in November 2013. Additions will be for career and technical education, fine arts, ninth grade academic classrooms, and office area with a secure entry. The plan also includes building a robust technology infrastructure for model classrooms throughout the school district.
The design features a collegiate look, according to Huckabee architect Tim McClure. Granbury stone will prominently provide a consistent look throughout the exterior of the building with entry points clearly distinguished for parents and visitors.  Inside, a commons area will be the focal point of the interior with the cafeteria, library, and coffee bar similar to a university student center.
Academic departments will be grouped, with teachers having a common office area to meet individually with students, for tutoring, and for collaboration with their colleagues. Hallways will be streamlined to provide efficient corridors for student movement and supervision. In addition, CTE programs will be centralized in the back of the building with a separate secure entry as well as classrooms and labs designed specifically for those specialized programs.
Construction will begin in November under the supervision of the Buford-Thompson Company, construction manager at-risk for all GISD bond projects. BTC outlined the following phases for the high school work:
  • Phase 1: Ninth Grade Addition (November 2014-August 2015), Southwest Parking Lot (November 2014-February 2015), Northwest Parking Lot (to be used as BTC compound for duration of construction)
  • Phase 2: CTE Addition (December 2014-June 2016), Fine Arts Addition (February 2015-April 2016), Locker Room Addition (April-October 2015)
  • Phase 3: Locker Room Renovations for Field House, James Wann Sports Center, and Pirate Gym (Spring 2015)
  • Phase 4: Library, Old Office Area, Cafeteria (Summer 2015)
  • Phase 5: Classrooms, Grand Hall, Upper Grand Hall, Auditorium (Summer 2016)
Parking, bus areas, and traffic flow will be continually addressed by the high school administration throughout the project. Some current areas may be closed due to construction and safety. Parking in remote areas will be utilized with the availability of a shuttle bus.
The bond program already has begun at other campuses. Construction recently began at all elementary and middle schools for controlled entry vestibules to improve campus security. With the secure entries, visitors will be required to report to the campus office in order to present identification before being granted access to the main part of the school.
The controlled entry vestibules are set for completion prior to the start of the school year – except for Oak Woods . Because of the larger scope of work at that campus, completion is scheduled for November. Rather than simple renovations to the existing office area, the Oak Woods project required a small addition to the front of the building.
The district had hoped to begin construction on new gymnasiums for Acton Elementary School and Emma Roberson Elementary School this summer. However, due to larger than expected costs, the two gyms have been postponed until Summer 2015 and are being rolled into the larger high school project to provide better financing through “economies of scale” during the bidding process.
BTC project manager Scott Barnes reported that new construction costs indicate that the GHS project will be much less expensive than originally predicted. The initial bond budget and scope provided $3.825 million for the safety and security upgrades and $51.685 million for the high school transformation. The guaranteed maximum price for the security vestibules is now set at $3.574 million without the two elementary gyms. BTC now estimates the high school project at $49.864 million with the two gyms included.
The board presentation and other bond program information is available on the district website at

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