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October 28, 2014
Oak Woods  
Third graders at Oak Woods School completed a project on maps and blueprints with class presentations on October 27, 2014.
Through project based learning, the students focused on the driving question “How can we effectively introduce new students, PTO members, parents, or community members to our school community through the use of maps?”
Given the ongoing construction at the school for the addition of a controlled entry vestibule, the students had a lot of information available.
“The students were assigned to mapping companies and have worked in groups to learn how to use scale, compasses, map keys, symbols, and drafting,” commented teachers Melissa Shipp and Sheri Doucet. “They started the process by brainstorming things important to mapmaking, took tours of the school, and viewed several different types of maps.”
Serving as an expert for the students was Dwayne Williams, the construction superintendent for the Buford-Thompson Company overseeing the project. Classes had the opportunity to quiz Johnson about floor plans, square footage, materials and equipment, electricity and plumbing, and other items of interest from the school construction.
Pictured above, a student reviews his map with Granbury ISD facilities director Randy Leach.

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