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January 14, 2015
Oak Woods  
Granbury ISD held a ribbon cutting for the completion of a major portion of the 2013 bond initiative during a ceremony hosted by the Granbury Chamber of Commerce on January 14, 2015, at Oak Woods School.
At the elementary and middle school campuses, controlled entry vestibules were included in the bond to improve campus security. With the secure entries, visitors are now required to report to the campus office in order to present identification before being granted access to the main part of the school.
Holding the ceremony at Oak Woods was symbolic for the completion of all the initiative at PK-8 schools. Oak Woods was the last part of the project because the campus required more work that included a small addition to the front of the building.
Speaking at the ribbon cutting were superintendent Dr. James Largent, school board president Mark Jackson, and Mayor Nin Hulett. In attendance were school trustees, campus and district administrators, members of the Bond Steering Committee, chamber officials and ambassadors, representatives from Huckabee and the Buford-Thompson Company, and Oak Woods student council members.
The bond program also addresses transforming Granbury High School with major renovations that include additions for career and technical education, fine arts, and a ninth grade wing. Construction at the high school began in November 2014 and will continue through several phases until Summer 2016.
Construction will begin this spring on new gymnasiums at Acton Elementary School and Emma Roberson Elementary School. In addition, work is ongoing to build a robust technology infrastructure throughout the school district to support model classrooms with multiple technological devices.
Pictured above, Oak Woods student council members lead the ceremony. Fifth grader Austin Morgan, the student council president, had the honor of cutting the ribbon.

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