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February 13, 2015

The 2013 bond program is providing major investments for classroom technology in Granbury ISD.
The school district is building a robust infrastructure to support model classrooms and a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative with the ability to grow with increased student needs and educational standards. Improvements include new standardized technology for every classroom, including interactive and mobile learning devices; classroom audio so that teachers can be heard clearly while presenting instruction; wireless Internet capability enhancements; and network operation improvements.
“Technology is crucial to education and learning,” said GISD superintendent Dr. James Largent. “These upgrade plans come from our G2020 strategic plan and will total $10.8 million when complete.”
Last summer, the district invested $1.3 million at elementary and middle school campuses for SMART Boards, projectors, document cameras, classroom audio, mounts and cables, and virtual desktop storage.  Teachers have already been utilizing the devices to enhance learning as well as the audio microphone and speakers, which allow them to be heard clearly while presenting instruction.
Technology department staff worked swiftly over several months to install all the equipment, according to director Amy Wood. “The technicians and coordinators deserve a lot of credit for their efforts while still working on normal operations,” she commented. “Our work continues to make future improvements and upgrades go smoothly.”
In January, another $1.5 million was dedicated for infrastructure upgrades at K-8 campuses as well as for access points and switches in the new ninth grade wing at Granbury High School.
Also progressing is a fiber optic wide area network to increase bandwidth at all campuses, said Wood. School trustees approved a contract with Charter Cable last month to provide the 10GB network through July 2020.
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