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April 23, 2015
GHS Spring 2015 Parking and Traffic  
Granbury High School is opening the new southwest parking lot for student parking beginning on April 24, 2015.
The new lot is located at the corner of Pearl Street and Howard Clemmons Road. Students should enter and exit the building through the upper grand hall classrooms.
For April 24, no parking for students and staff will be available next to the Pirate Pavilion, field house, softball field, and tennis courts. Closure is necessary for construction. These parking areas should be available again on Monday, April 27.
A large portion of the west and north parking lots will be closed sometime during the week of April 27. These areas will remain closed for the duration of construction of the career and technical education center at the back of the high school.
In addition to the new southwest parking lot, the parking area near Tidwell Field baseball complex is also available for students.
There is no change in the parent drop-off and pick-up areas as well as the staff parking lot. In addition, buses will continue to be staged in the front parking lot for the bus hub along with GMS and Crossland student riders. The buses will enter and depart the parking lot via Pearl Street.
Assisting the school in the development of the temporary procedures was the Buford-Thompson Company, the construction manager at-risk for all GISD bond projects that is working alongside the Huckabee architectural firm.
The overall bond project at the high school will last through the summer of 2016, and future parking and traffic procedures will be announced as construction progresses.
Additional information about the bond initiative is available at

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