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May 20, 2019 

AES 4th Grade Service Project

Acton Elementary School fourth graders established several “Little Libraries” to promote reading over the summer break. Student cut the ribbon on their project on May 15, 2019. 

A group of students dreamed up this project after reading about “Little Libraries” in class. One student worked with his parents to build one from scratch. This was followed up by painting old newspaper stands donated by the Hood County News

Students stocked donated books at the “libraries,” which are located in front of the school as well as at the Rancho Brazos Community Center, Cresson Pods park area, and the Sandy Beach subdivision entrance. 

AES 4th Grade Service Project

AES 4th Grade Service Project

“These libraries belong to everyone!” according to an announcement on the front of the bookstands. Children are encouraged to take a book to read and then return it and also leave books for others to read. 

Last year, fourth graders raised over $5,000 for the renovation of the Hood County Library during a pancake fundraiser.  Students planned, budgeted, advertised, and served pancakes to the public to raise donations for the library project, according to teachers. 

Fourth grade teachers spearheading the student project are Paula Adams, Melissa Galofaro, Shanna McPherson, Connie Oelschig, Carrie Sonderer, and April Strickland.