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July 20, 2020 

Kori Brawner

Granbury High School student Kori Brawner was named Sophomore of the Year for the 2019-20 school year by the Lake Granbury Kiwanis Club. 

Brawner received a $2,000 scholarship to help with her college education once she finishes high school. 

The incoming GHS junior qualified for the National History Day fair after winning first place at the state competition following a virtual competition in April. Brawner developed an individual website entitled “Ethel Payne: Paving the Way to Equality Through Journalism” about African American journalist and known as the "First Lady of the Black Press." Brawner finished in the top twenty at the national contest in June but did not advance to the final round. 

Brawner is a member of the GHS swim team.

She is pictured above with Kiwanis Club member Claudia Southern (right).

Photo courtesy of Madonna Brawner