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October 14, 2015
By qualifying for the region choir, eighteen choir students from Granbury High School and Crossland Ninth Grade Center recently advanced another step toward making the Texas Music Educators Association all-state choirs at auditions held October 10, 2015, at Southwest High School in Fort Worth. An additional Davis 24 students qualified for the district choir.
Of the group, senior Baylee Davis earned first-chair honors among Alto 2 singers. Three students made second chair: Brynn Deger, Kiersten Mathis, Zach Zagrocki.
The students qualifying for the region and district choirs are:
  • Region Choir: Kaitlyn Bailey, Ashley Brooke Boyd, Baylee Davis, Brynn Deger, Jamie Garcia, Reagan Hall, Raul Jamie Hernandez, Kiersten Mathis, Amanda Peterson, Jake Piland, Taunton Puckett, Brennan Ross, Grace Sokol, Statia Sokol, Andrew Walters, Casey Wilcox, Shannon Wornell, Zach Zagrocki
  • District Choir: Fernando Barragan, Garrin Brassie, Nash Buescher, April Cabrera, Lizzy Garcia, Cesar Gutierrez, Kalvin Hughes, Craig Knisley, Liesl Krone, Christopher Lancaster, Zoe Mehall, Audrey Montgomery, Aaron Morgan, Lauren Mullican, Bailey Occhipinti, Dakota Paulo, Paige Pritchard, Skylar Schreiber, Joshua Smith, Darrin Stone, Robert Stowell Jr., Savannah Wark, Remington Watson, Chris Willis
Nine of the students – Bailey, Brassie, Mehall, Peterson, Piland, Stone, Walters, Wilcox, and Willis – are freshmen. The remaining are GHS students.
The district/region choir clinic and concert will be on Saturday, November 14 in the Weatherford High School auditorium. The pre-area auditions for those making the region choir will follow on Friday, November 21 at Burleson High School.
The students are under the direction of Joy Hope and Greg Doss.