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November 18, 2015
The GEF Party Bus traveled all over the community on November 18, 2015, as the Granbury ISD Education Foundation announced the winners of grants and a special award totaling almost $63,000.
The foundation had a substantial increase in fundraising – thanks in part to a successful third annual 50 Fellas Foodfest – allowing for an increase in grant awards. This year’s funding brings the five-year grand total to just under $200,000.
The new grants will fund a number of innovative teaching and school initiatives during the second half of the 2015-16 school year. The group of winning projects included animal puppetry, science presentations by the Perot Museum, an oral history project for veterans, a portable paint booth to allow engineering students to complete the manufacturing process on prototypes, and a veterinary medicine initiative.
Projects also included a musical theatre tour by Granbury High School and Crossland Ninth Granbury Education Foundation Grade Center students to take to elementary schools. The initiative is named for H-E-B Tournament of Champions in recognition of the grocery store’s $7,500 donation and being a Top Chef sponsor of the foundation.
Two district-wide elementary projects were also named for big contributors to the foundation. The Granbury Optimist Club sponsored “Mr. Hagerman’s Extreme Science” to spark curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication in young learners. A “Let’s Get Physical” project was sponsored by Lake Granbury Medical Center to provide new physical education equipment to be better determine and understand individual student needs based on assessing cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.
A special award was also announced to fund $3,000 in certification exams for the school district’s career and technical education program.
Along with the GHS Pirate Band drumline, helping to announce the grants were GEF president Stacy Mitchell, program co-chair Chanda Smith, and marketing and development co-chair Kelly Garner. Other board members on the bus were superintendent Dr. James Largent, Lyn Goodgion, Shane Knisley, Jayla Loving, Tad Timmons, Chelsea Thompson, and school trustee B.J. Wallace. Also attending were school trustees Mark Jackson and Chris Tackett, grant committee member Mendi Tackett, assistant superintendents Ron Holmgreen and Dobie Williams, career and technical education director Judy Gentry, curriculum director Sharon Williams, human resources director Shane Conklin, and technology director Amy Wood.
The full list of grant awards is below:
Innovative Teaching Grants
Name of Grant Campus Teachers Abstract $ Amount
Learning From the Inside Out Granbury High School Trey Keys
Chelsea Campbell
Tyler McCoy
The agriculture department would like to use this grant to purchase surgical and dissection tools as well as some other veterinary medicine items and feed testing kits to help support the learning in our floral design, livestock, equine, animal science, small animal and veterinary medicine classes. We feel like these tools and equipment can be utilized in most classes to support our learning in the classroom, prepare our certification students to be tested and to promote more industry training. $3,992.25
I See With My Heart:  Dogs of Character Program Acton Elemetary  School Jill Jerigan
Anna Roe
Karla Willmeth
Maggie Walton
Today's children are immersed in technology and a fast-paced lifestyle which can result in social deficits such as empathy for others and low self-worth. The Dogs of Character program brings very special rescued dogs to school during an assembly to teach children life lessons in perserverance, self-worth, loyalty and empathy. The program is continued through lessons the teachers can incorporate in their classrooms by accessing a portal which provides grade-appropriate activities in each core subject and are alligned with the TEKS. This program will touch the hearts of every individual in our school and provide living visual aids to create a life-altering and long-lasting change in the way our students interact with one another. $1,250.00
Masterpieces on the Move Acton Elemetary School Brandy Lillagore Nothing comes close to viewing the original work of the old masters. Knowing the historical and artistic context it was created in and then seeing the ‘real thing’ right in front of you is like no other experience. For many of our students, however, this opportunity never becomes a reality.  How can we provide experiences like this for our students? Teacher’s Discovery Traveling Exhibits are the answer.  Printed on massive and durable satin banners, these portable exhibits bring the realistic detail, depth and texture of works by well- known artists to a school’s hallways. $1,396.00
Painting with a Brighter Future Granbury High School Todd Gibson
Greg Belleau
Brad Eppler
The engineering department is requesting a portable paint booth that will allow engineering students to complete the manufacturing process on various designs and prototypes of projects in a variety of classes from 9th-12th grades.  With this piece of equipment, students will be able to complete the manufacturing process by using industrial equipment used in manufacturing plants. Students will learn finishing processes that are necessary in the manufacturing industry that applies directly to our curriculum.  This will prepare them for future career projects and help them understand the full scope of the engineering that goes into the manufacturing of many products we use daily. In addition to the knowledge students will gain, this piece of equipment will also allow our department to be self-sufficient in the projects that are made and allow us to avoid costly outsourcing. $3,927.16
War: The American Experience - Oral
History Project
Granbury High School David Winkleman
Rebecca Strain
Our veterans are quickly leaving us.  The youngest WWII veterans are in their late eighties.  There are manIy veterans whose stories have yet to be told, who are just now beginning to speak of the horrors of war.  With this PBL project, students will interview veterans, learn their stories, and work to make their interviews a historical, primary source resource in the Library of Congress’ Veteran’s History Project or the NPR’s Story Board.  However, in order to obtain these interviews, we need digital voice recorders. This grant will fund the recorders to make this PBL project possible $711.92
Technological Innovations to Support
Applications of Transportation Principles
Granbury High School David Carlson The use of technology to supplement instruction of fundamental concepts, and provide a resource through which students can observe, research, and diagnose sources and solutions to automotive malfunctions will provide learners with valuable hands-on training, and classroom experiences that will enrich their knowledge, expertise, and resume for those who plan to pursue a career in the automotive or transportation industry. The tools requested will help maximize the amount of diverse hands-on experience each student is able to have with various engine models, and assist students learn to diagnose malfunctions with better accuracy, due to the evidence these devices offer. $728.19
Musical Theatre Tour   

Granbury High School
Crossland Ninth Grade
Mark Weeks 
Krista Alcorn-Holman
Our objective is to use GISD students to produce a high energy musical- including live acting, singing, dancing, lighting, sound- and take it to each of the elementary schools in Granbury ISD.  This will promote the arts to these students, also allowing them to see future opportunities in extracurricular activities.  The student performers will interact at each performance with the younger audiences, promoting their own mentoring and leadership abilities. A portable sound system will be purchased for this event and will be used for future touring opportunities and other unique theatrical endeavors. $3,978.00
Snappy Connections Brawner Intermediate Pam Frye
Melissa  McKelvain     
Ann Van Zandt
Brawner 4-5 grade teachers desire to make their electrical unit study innovative and interesting by using Snap Circuits technology.  We want our students to use their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills as they work on designing and constructing original electrical devices.  Electricity and electronics are the way of the 21st Century and we want our students to have the strongest foundation possible. The Snap Circuit technology with its kid appeal will help us achieve that goal. $3,283.14
The Science of Animal Puppetry Acton Elemetary School Katie Agor
Rachael Bufkin
Sandra Elrod
​Katy Grimes
​Kirstie Leslie
​Jennifer Romine
Natalee Sommerfeld​​​​​​​
First grade students will use animal puppets and creativity by authoring nonfiction dramatic plays that describe the life cycles, external characteristics, movements, eating habits, and habitats of various endangered animals.  The students will incorporate Science TEKS through Project Based Learning with a driving question that asks, “How can we as students help the animals that are endangered?”  The animal puppets and plays will help engage students in their learning while inspiring them to discover ways that they can help save animals that are in danger of forever losing their life cycle. $1,816.83
Bite-Sized Literature Acton Middle School Danielle Rodrique
Brittany Lovins
Rene Jackson
Half of Americans surveyed by USA Today cited lack of time as a primary impediment to their failure to read for leisure. This is a concerning conflict because research shows that reading daily slows the progress of (or possibly even prevents) Alzeimer's and Dementia, reduces stress, expands vocabulary, improves focus and concentration, and enhances quality of life. Thus, it is imperative that schools foster a daily reading environment in spite of short, content-packed class periods. Bite-sized literature meets this need by providing high-interest, quality reading materials in smaller chunks so that lack of time need not be an obstacle. $2,390.40
Mr. Hagerman's Extreme Science

Granbury Optimist Club
Mambrino, Brawner, Acton
Elem., Oak Woods, Baccus,
Emma Roberson
Brenda Pugh
Debbie Ransleben
Shannon Sanchez  
Jennifer Sullivan  
Kathy Williams
Tina Winchester
Science can spark curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication in young learners. These critical skills will serve the children way beyond their days in the classroom. If a student is interested in science it can open an avenue to engage them in reading, writing and mathematics. Mr. Hagerman uses various instruments to investigate the science behind many happenings we take for granted in our everyday lives. We are striving for more questioning, more strategic planning, more problem solving, and yes, more science fair entries  $3,500.00
Cooking It Up in Math Oak Woods School Melissa Shipp
Rebecca Strain
Kids struggle learning fractions and measurement in math. Research shows that one of the best ways to help with students understanding content is to apply the learning to real life. In this PBL Project, 3rd grade students will learn about measurement, fractions and health through an interdisciplinary unit around cooking. They will measure ingredients and create healthy snacks for school and home. $625.94
STEAM Into the Library Granbury Middle School Christy Jonas STEAM into the library will aid students by providing hands-on opportunities to address twenty-first century skills that many of our students are not provided elsewhere in school or in the home. Hands on manipulatives such as building blocks, timber sets, Legos, building tiles, K'NEX machines sets, Locktagon sets, and structure sets will give students opportunities to collaborate and troubleshoot the building of structures. Snap circuits provide opportunities to apply scientific thought and problem solving skills to real-world applications. The Elenco robotics set will provide opportunities for simple robotics programing. $2,793.92
Pirates Create Granbury High School Tammy Jo Burns
Carolann Caruthers
Connie Jesko
Allison Allen
Makerspaces are an innovative way in which the Learning Commons may further create a culture that emphasizes the importance of problem-solving and  creativity through crafts, circuitry, and programming for students. It is imperative that all levels of  our student population, from life-skills ans ESL to AP, can manipulate all areas of STEAM Education in order to improve cognitive development and use higher-order thinking skills. By creating the GHS Pirate's Eureka Zone we will be able to make creative designing available to every student at GHS, inviting collaboration on a larger scale. $2,112.08
The Civil War...Making It Real Acton Middle School David Brister
Chris Elrod
Rebecca Strain
Students have a difficult time connecting to history. They don't see the relevancy. With this PBL project, we will make the Civil War real. We plan to have students assume various Civil War personas, on either side of the battle, and understand the Civil War through their lenses. We want to stress the local connection of the Civil War to the founders of our county and town, Generals John Bell Hood and Hiram Granbury. Lastly, we plan to take students to the Texas Civil War Museum. All these activities will make the Civil War real. $1,990.00
The "Physics Circus" Mobile Presentation
By Perot Museum
Baccus Elementary School Patti Collier A mobile presentation by Perot Museum of Dallas, “theater-style presentation explores the role of physics and math in three thrilling circus acts. The ringleader of the circus will guide students through ways that force, motion and energy are involved in each physics feat.  Students help the ringleader determine if a newcomer named Math has a place among the acts. $470.00
Students Will Say, "I Get It" Oak Woods School Marcia Hamilton Students often struggle with both comprehension and a dislike of informational texts.  With the Research and Respond Comprehension Center, students will be able to build nonfiction comprehension as they preview, read, and respond to high-interest texts.  This would be utilized by all fifth graders; including general education as well as special education students.  $197.69
Osmos for the Classroom Emma Roberson Elementary School Kellie Morris   The goal of this grant is to create a learning center within each classroom to incorporate social, creative and emotional learning by bridging the gap between technology and hands on learning through the use of the Osmo along with the existing classroom iPad. $2,999.70
Technology in the Pre-K Classroom Emma Roberson Elementary School Teri Call
Leah McWilliams
Cherish Hyatt
Pre-K would like to purchase quality academic apps and software for our new classroom iPads. $438.87
The Foundations of Dynamics: Fundamental
Forces and Laws of Motion
Granbury High School ​Kit Langdon
Janel Morris​​
Heather Wallis
Erica Woodyard
Motion captures our attention, and the study of dynamics considers the forces affecting the motion of all moving systems. Isaac Newton’s laws of motion demonstrate the breadth and simplicity of the underpinning principles that dictate the manner in which nature functions, both on Earth, and in space. As Galileo established in the 16th century, it is observation, rather than “logic” that is the ultimate determinant of the truth. The supplies requested will provide students with the opportunity to observe fundamental truths about how our universe functions, better enabling them to be successful academically, and solve even the most advanced problems. $2,351.72
Let's Get Physical

Lake Granbury Medical Center
Mambrino, Brawner, Acton
Elem., Oak Woods, Baccus,
Emma Roberson
Janie Chiles
Jody Gilbert
Jonneice Courtney
Keri Fleming
Victor Sanchez
Lauri Morgan
Mitzi Johnson
The Physical Education teachers at the elementary campuses in GISD would like to purchase new equipment to help us better assess our students for cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.  This assessment would have several uses: to help the teachers determine student needs and guide program planning, to help parents better understand their student’s needs, to help students plan a personal fitness program, and to improve the teachers’ abilities to fulfill the state required Fitness Gram assessment given annually to all students 3rd grade and above. $3,403.00
Westward Ho!...Pioneers Life Mambrino School Melinda Robertson
Nancy Comeau
Lori Shupe
Kelli Godi
What was life like without current technologies? By building a wagon, the students will be able to feel the journey of traveling, hardships, and accomplishments of the pioneer life.Through this grant our fifth graders will experience firsthand about pioneers, Colonial America, and Westward Expansion.  Our students will build a wagon to take the journey and learn how to grow their own herbs. The students will learn more about United States History through their experiences of “being there” in the moment.  Experiencing colonization and working together for economic growth will allow them to internalize the reasons that people moved west. $3,014.54
Step Right Up Oak Woods School Mitzi Johnson
Cami Gilbert
Lissa Oliver
Physically active children will perform better in academic areas. In effort to make physical activity fun and engaging, students will wear pedometers during P.E. class. As students move, they will notice how movement and activity add to "steps". Students will record their steps on a Google Sheet where results are monitered and tracked. Students will begin to set personal step goals. As students also learn about nutrition and other healthy habits, they will  be able to evaluate and see trends of their own healthy lifestyle. By the end of the semester, students will present their results and experience. $1,500.06
No Strings To Tie Me Down: The Pinocchio
Baccus Elementary School
​Suzanne Back
Melanie Clifton
​Dana Reinke
Lori Williams
With many learning activities available, students are excited to use Smartboards in the classroom. To use the Smartboard as an individual activity, a student uses headphones attached to the Smartboard computer, but this restricts movement. A small group using the Smartboard isdistracting to other students because the music/sounds accompanying the activity are broadcast over the classroom speakers. In order to effectively utilize the Smartboards in our classrooms, a multiple headset wireless headphone system is needed. Wireless headphones will allow more students to access the Smartboard. No wires, no tangles, more smiles! $1,207.48
Do You Hear the People Sing/Play Granbury Middle School Caitlan Leblo
Michele Kahne
James Beeson
Jeremy Bowen
Dawn Crnkovic
Have you ever gone to a musical or concert and heard someone say, “Well I am sure they were really great, but I couldn’t hear the performers.”? Or, “They did such a great a great job, but the feedback from the microphones was terrible!” Our students work tirelessly for months on end rehearsing so they can perform at their best for parents, teachers, and community members. They deserve to be heard! For that to happen, we need new microphones.  $3,899.88
Pioneering:  A Step Back In Time Baccus Elementary School Melanie Clifton​​​​​​​​​​
Lori Williams
​​​​​​​​​​Suzanne Back​​​​​​​​​​
Dana Reinke
Have you ever wanted to step back in time?!  Second grade students will discover how pioneers lived, worked, and went to school when visiting Pioneer Village in Ft. Worth, TX.  Visiting a living history museum will allow our students to experience the past in an engaging, exciting way!  We will travel throughout the village to see the gristmill where grains were ground, a one-room school house, watch wood working, and see the blacksmith as he forges metal into tools!  The opportunity to step back into the 1800's will allow second grade students to gain knowledge of America's history $1,051.40
A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words Granbury High School Darlene Windham
Cindy Jackson
Project Based Learning emphasizes authentic, real-world investigations and experiences and our students will do this through studying crime scenes. In both classes crime scene investigation is used to gather data, analyze and draw fact-based conclusions. By using digital cameras, our students will be able to gather the evidence required for our scientific investigations usung the same methods as forensic scientist gather the evidence required for their criminal investigations. $2,500.00
Fire and Ice Mobile Presentation by Perot
Baccus Elementary School Patti Collier A mobile presentation by Perot Museum of Dallas, “This explosive and entertaining auditorium performance teaches about matter in a unique way. Your students will see firsthand how matter changes when we add and remove extreme amounts of heat. The program covers states of matter, basic behavior of atoms and molecules, physical and chemical changes of matter and more!” $470.00
An Outrageous Ocean Adventure Baccus Elementary School ​Annette Gilley 
​Caitlin Lott​
Ashley Page
Stephen’s Ocean Adventure concert gives kids the opportunity to move, dance, participate, listen, & most importantly, have fun! This show provides children the information needed to develop their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. Stephen’s interactive celebration of music & learning is a solid hour of movement with a generous helping of rhythm, repetition, and rhyme to create a festive buffet of entertainment and fun. Stephen provides a fun tour of things happening above and below the surface of one, ginormous ocean. $966.00

Total:     $58,966.17
Special Award
Name of Award Campus Teachers Award $ Amount
CTE Certification Assistance Granbury High School Judy Gentry GEF CTE Endowment for Certification Assistance $3,000.00
The GEF’s mission is creating opportunities to invest, encourage, and support educational excellence in GISD. The foundation is designed to be a community effort bringing donations from businesses, civic groups, and individuals to fund innovative teaching grants, student scholarships, and academic achievement for GISD students. GEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization created for the benefit of the school district’s students and staff members and will provide funding not allocated by tax dollars.
Additional information about GEF is available at

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