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August 31, 2021

Granbury ISD superintendent Dr. Jeremy Glenn convened the school year’s first meeting of the Student Leadership Council on August 31, 2021.  The group includes students from all grade levels at Granbury High School.  

The SLC provides an opportunity for the superintendent to interact with students in a positive and productive manner.  During this initial meeting, Glenn reviewed expectations, a summer book study, and community service projects to develop leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills as well as positive relationship building. 

Students serving on the committee are: 

  • Seniors – Wendy Aguado Hernandez, Parker Bradley, Laura Burch, Erick Hernandez, Reese Holmgreen, Lu Johns-De La Garza, Corbin King, Ashton Lemens, Carter McKay, Mikel Scott, Garima Shrestha, Matthew Walters
  • Juniors – Anne Barnes, Spencer Burnfield, Averie Coffman, Jade Cox, Drew Dias, Tessa Fox, Katie Lou Funk, Jayton Glenn, Emma Hamlin, Dianna Koch, Dylan Livingston, Skyler Mitchell, Daphne Morales, Braydon Olthoff, Amelia Orcutt, Cooper Sanderson, Makai Scott, Grae Webb
  • Sophomores – Bailey Blum, Abby Boyd, Noah Brown, Kemauri Bynaum, Kiley Dove, Ava Garner, Ella Garner, Ty Gomez, Trevor Granger, Johnathan Hutchinson, Kate Mauldin, Max McPherson, Wade Molinari, Riley Morris, Tyler Rodgers, Kyler Shankles, Anna Sommerfeld, Reid Wyss, Keily Zschiesche
  • Freshmen – Josephina Berry, Karolina Berry, Pete O' Carroll, Colton Jernigan, Luke Jernigan, Trey Kindred, Allyson McCabe, Elise Mikulskis, Carter Riley, Addy Shipp, Cooper Shipp, Jake Stone

The student group will meet several times during this school year.  Some upperclassmen have remained on the council since they first entered high school.