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January 27, 2022 

Granbury ISD is conducting a review of school library books after state representative Matt Krause, chairman of the Texas House of Representatives General Investigating Committee, sent a letter to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) expressing concern over 850 books in Texas public school libraries.  Governor Greg Abbott then charged TEA with ensuring school districts do not expose students to “pornography or other inappropriate content” in schools. 

During an initial review, the district removed five novels by Abbi Glines because of explicit sexual content.  School board trustees recently amended local district policy to allow removal of “materials because they are pervasively vulgar or based solely upon the educational suitability of the resource in question.” 

“Upon purchasing the Abbi Glines books, the entire series falls under the Young Adult (YA) category (i.e. high school age appropriate). We purchased this on the good faith that this was, indeed, true as it was indicated. It has come to my attention as recently as January 25th as to the actual content. I was unaware of the explicitness until then. There are now reviews available to corroborate this; however, to the best of my recollection, they were not there at the time this series was purchased. Had there been, I believe in my heart of hearts I would not have purchased the remainder of the series. I do want to let it be known I was planning on weeding these books this year based on the lack of checkouts in recent years, missing books within the series, and some falling under the weeding guidelines (i.e. dingy, torn pages, lack of circulation, etc.). I want it to be known that it has never been, nor never will be, my intention to put material in our library’s collection that could cause harm to our student population in any way,” stated Granbury High School librarian Tammy Burns. 

GHS principal Jeremy Ross commented, “It is without question in my mind that the right move for Granbury ISD and Granbury High School was to remove the Abbi Glines books.  The material in those books is too sexually explicit and completely inappropriate for a high school library collection.  This incident has provided us with a moment to pause and review our collection procurement processes and make adjustments to ensure that we purchase and shelve age and grade appropriate books.” 

A library review committee will convene and review approximately 130 other books, including some on the Krause list and additional novels by Glines.  

Once the review process is complete, the district will publish a list of titles of any books permanently removed. All others will be returned to library shelves. 

Granbury ISD is committed to providing a diverse selection of educationally suitable books in all of our libraries. This includes books that are both socially and culturally diverse.