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March 23, 2022

Granbury ISD issued the following statement on recent news media articles regarding the library book review:

First and foremost, in Granbury ISD all students are important. We serve students from diverse backgrounds, and regardless of their environment or circumstances all of our children are valued, supported, and cared for by an exemplary staff. In Granbury and across Texas we are seeing parents push back and demand elected officials put safeguards in place to protect their children from materials that are vulgar, sexually explicit, and serve no academic purpose.

The district is aware of comments made by the superintendent in an effort to comply with Governor Abbott’s request that pornographic and sexually explicit books be reviewed and possibly removed from public school libraries. Upon receipt of letters from Representative Krause and Governor Abbott, the district identified books that were listed and part of the library collections on multiple campuses. The district formed a review committee in accordance with district policy. This independent review committee was made up of educators and community members from diverse backgrounds. The superintendent did not participate in the review process.

Ultimately, the review  committee determined that eight books were sexually explicit and not age-appropriate. Two of the eight books did have LGBTQ+ themes, however all of the books that were removed had sexually explicit and/or pervasively vulgar content. Granbury ISD libraries continue to house a socially and culturally diverse collection of books for students to read including books which analyze and explore LGBTQ+ issues. Granbury ISD provides the appropriate venue, via Board Policy EF (Local), for individuals to challenge literary and instructional resources in a manner consistent with protecting students' First Amendment rights.

Granbury ISD will continue to work with parents in order to put the needs of our children first. Our administration, and staff will continue to prioritize literacy, which includes opportunities for students to grow as readers. The District is committed to ensuring appropriate materials are available for student choice reading. More importantly, GISD is committed to providing all students and staff with a secure learning environment which exhibits tolerance and equality. The selection and review of library materials is an ongoing process. GISD will continue to follow its policies on instructional materials selection to keep our libraries current. Like all school districts the values of our community will always be reflected in our schools; however our primary obligation remains to focus on the academic growth and development of our students.

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