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Board Meeting Briefs  |  August 22, 2022

For the seventh straight year, the Granbury ISD Board of Trustees adopted a lower tax rate.

  • $0.9996 total tax rate per $100 of property valuation
  • $0.8546 for maintenance and operations
  • $0.145 for debt service

During the achievement spotlight, the school board recognized the district safety and security team.


The team has 226 combined years of experience (over 80 of those years in the military, over 110 years in law enforcement, and 28 years in school specific security). In preparation for this school year, the team accumulated almost 700 combined hours of training (including firearms, simulations, and school scenario-based training).
The district safety and security officers are Luz Alarcon, Chris Burke, Alice Casey, Steven Fowler, Ronald Frantz, David Frey, Patricia Jones, Forrest Lohman, Scotty Rains, Eric Salas, Robert Stivers, Kevin Timmons, Winston Vasquez-Ortiz, and Kevin Walling. The team is led by assistant chief of security Jon Mueller and chief of security Wade Clark.

In order to accommodate student travel and activities with the least amount of impact on district transportation and staffing, trustees approved the proposed 2022-23 academic calendar revision.   The instructional minutes added to the school day this year provide the flexibility for these revisions. The revisions do not change the employee work calendar.

  • Move the scheduled staff day/student holiday from Monday, October 10 to Friday, October 14
  • Add a staff day/student holiday on Friday, October 28
  • Move the scheduled bad weather day from Monday, April 10 to Friday, April 14 
  • Add a staff day/student holiday on Friday, April 21

Trustees next convene on Monday, September 19 with an Executive Session at 5 PM followed by a Regular Session at 6 PM.  Meetings are held in the GISD Board Room in the Administration Building at 217 N. Jones Street.