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November 17, 2022

The GEF Party Bus traveled all over the community on November 15, 2022, as the Granbury ISD Education Foundation announced the winners of grants and special awards totaling $88,000.

The new grants will fund a number of innovative teaching and school initiatives during the second half of the 2022-23 school year.  The group of winning projects include a variety of innovative initiatives for engineering, leadership, math, music, outdoor learning, science, technology, and video broadcasts.

The H-E-B Tournament of Champions sponsored three grants.  One will sponsor outdoor furniture for a reading area in the Granbury Middle School courtyard.  Another will provide science lab equipment that enables tactile learning experiences for students at Brawner Elementary School.  The third will sponsor learning experiences through iconic Texas experiences for students at STARS Accelerated High School.

Funds from Willie Crossland Memorial will help Granbury High School American Sign Language teachers create course content with access to quality tools and technology to teach language development.

Wolf Hollow sponsored outdoor learning areas at Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy, providing prekindergarten students a space to build cities and roads during recess.

Funds from EECU will help assist in funding a field trip for STEAM Academy at Mambrino students as they experience the abstract world of science through investigation and guided tours.

STEAM Academy at Mambrino

  • Education in Action - Jennifer Bloodworth, Nicole Moody, Toni Fruge, Rebecca Daniels, Tashia Jones
  • Drumming Our Way to Fitness - Deidra Zchiesche, Sonja Chastain, Vanessa Farner
  • From De-escalation to Self-Regulation - Angie Couto

Acton Elementary School 

  • Measuring Up in Science - Rachel Jone, Hannah Stubby, Staci Mills
  • Egg Celerated Learning -  Shannon Sanchez, Natalee Sommerfield, Tina Wagner, Elizabeth Irwin, Heather Flannery, Rachael Bufkin, Cambry Hedger
  • Reset for Success - Labrini Howell, Jill Jernigan, Angie Payne, Maggie Walton, Mallory Myers

Little Buccaneers 

  • Bloom and Grow Outdoor Learning Center - Karly Middlebrook

Acton Middle School 

  • Adapting Adaptive P.E. - Meredith Brummer, Brittney Stoudemire
  • Math-Visually! - Sara Adams, Misty Greer, Andrew Maxey

Oak Woods School

  • Bring in the Noise - Cami Gilbert, Kim Rains, Traci Logsdon, Jari Dennis, Meredith Payne, Jackie Darouse, Lynna Kirkpatrick

Baccus Elementary

  • Force and Motion: Hands on Exploration - Kathy Moore, Jessica Mayes
  • Calming Senses to Calm the Child - Jessica Mayes, Amber Hilly

Granbury Middle School 

  • Set the Stage - Hollie Miller
  • Camp El Tesoro Outdoor Field Trip - Crystal Caviness, Misty Ingmire
  • Reading in the Round - Karyn Carpenter, Scott Carpenter, Heather Sweet, Andy Smith
  • New Band Instruments - anonymous

Granbury High School 

  • Cadet Leadership Camp Training  - Lt.Col. Casey, 1st Sergeant Rositas
  • Extraordinary Moments Deserve Exceptional Images - Dawn Bradley, Dondrei Williams, Bethany Smith
  • Music on Wheels - Jose Hernandez, Mario Morales
  • Virtual Challenge Victory - Cindy Leatherman, Tammy Bodine, Cindy Jackson, Melissa Knight, Misty Boaz, Margarite Anderson, Erica Woodyard
  • We are the “Best of Texas” - Cindy Leatherman, Tammy Bodine, Cindy Jackson, Melissa Knight, Misty Boaz, Margarite Anderson, Erica Woodyard
  • Store-on-the-Go - Kylee Peterson
  • Language First, Language Forward - Liz Roblee-Davis, Amber Shorter
  • Pirate Pups - Courtney Hinojosa, Chance Walther
  • Health Science Simulations - Cari Morisette, Christy Pieren, Melisa Monson, Joe Overstreet
  • “Can you hear me now?” - Dondrei Williams, Dawn Bradley
  • College Visits - Counselor Department
  • CTE Certification Assistance - Todd Gibson

Brawner Elementary

  • Full STEAM Ahead - Melody Holly, Sarah Cave, Meredith Coffman, Mayra Espinoza, Rachel Ray, Melissa Smith, Erin Stone 
  • Project Lab Boost! - Debbie Ransleben, Julie M. Sellers
  • Drumming Our Way to Fitness - Sonja Chastain, Vanessa Farner, Deidra Zchiesche
  • Let’s Go on a Safari - Debbie Ransleben, Pam Adams, Tere Aguado, Olga Fraga, Patty Gale, Haylee Hering, Tami Squires
  • Reach for the Stars award

Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy

  • Future Civil and Transportation Engineers - Tammy Kelly, Sheri Doucet, Nadya Williamson, Gaylene Carpenter, Tracy Porter
  • Silly Pirates, Bricks are for Kids! - Emilie Chiozza, Kellie Pollock, Frances Uribe
  • When I Grow Up, I Want to Be - Gaylene Carpenter, Crystal Davis, Jill Ball, Kristi Buchanon


  • Deep in the Heart of Texas: Iconic Texas Experience - Heather Dollins, Jenny Hughes, Nicole Lewis, Julie Morris
  • College Visits - Margaret Rodriquez, Misty Walters

Special awards were also announced to fund other projects: 

  • $7,500 to fund CTE certification assistance for Granbury High School CTE students
  • $4,000 to fund college visits for Granbury High School and STARS Accelerated High School students  
  • $5,000 from an anonymous donor for new band instruments

Helping to announce the grants were GEF board members and district administrators. 

The GEF’s mission is creating opportunities to invest, encourage, and support educational excellence in GISD. The foundation is designed to be a community effort bringing donations from businesses, civic groups, and individuals to fund innovative teaching grants, student scholarships, and academic achievement for GISD students. GEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization created for the benefit of the school district’s students and staff members and will provide funding not allocated by tax dollars. 

This year’s funding brings the Foundation's grand total to about $813,000.

The biggest fundraiser for GEF is 50 Fellas Foodfest.  The 10th Annual 50 Fellas Foodfest is scheduled for October 21, 2023. More information about 50 Fellas, including ticket purchase information, is available at

Additional information about GEF is available at