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November 18, 2022
Several Granbury High School choir students auditioned in the Pre-Area round of All-State Choir Auditions on Thursday, November 17.
"The students spent hours preparing difficult literature to sing as a solo for a panel of judges in addition to sight singing before a panel of judges," shared choir director Kendra Fisher.
"It's no small task, and each musician has grown throughout the process - which is the ultimate goal," Fisher continued. 
Pre-Area All-State Audition Students
  • Cameron Magat, Sophomore, 8th Chair, Soprano 1
  • Audrey Ann McKee, Freshman, 12th Chair, Soprano 1
  • Anna Sommerfeld, Junior, 11th Chair, Alto 1
  • Palma Norwood, Senior, 12th Chair, Alto 2
  • Zachary Mitchell, Freshman, 9th Chair, Tenor 1
  • Landon Areno, Freshman, 10th Chair, Tenor 1
  • Pete O'Carroll, Sophomore, 11th Chair, Tenor 1
  • Brennan, Fisher, Senior, 1st Chair, Tenor 2
  • Nolan Moore, Senior, 7th Chair, Bass 1
  • Aidan Fisher, Sophomore, 10th Chair, Bass 1
  • Matthew Shute, Senior, 12th Chair, Bass 1
  • Jack Barefoot, Senior, 1st Alternate, Bass 1
Pre-Area All-State Audition Results
  • Cameron Magat, Sophomore, 4th Chair, Soprano 1
  • Brennan Fisher, Senior, 1st Chair, Tenor 2
Magat and Fisher will advance to the final round of auditions to be held in January 2023.
photos courtesy Kendra Fisher