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Sophomore Checklist


  • Evaluate your course load. Focus on keeping your GPA up by making the best grades you can in all of your classes.
  • Register for any SAT and/or ACT Boot Camps that GHS may be offering.
  • Register to take the PSAT test.
  • Join extracurricular activities so that you will stand out on your college applications.
  • Take the ASVAB test to help guide you toward career pathways based on your interests and strengths.


  • Learn more about prospective colleges and universities by attending the GHS college fair.
  • Visit with college representatives when they come to GHS for lunch visits.
  • Pick out your classes for your junior year. Remember to choose your classes carefully and wisely.  Choose the classes that will most benefit you academically, and that will best prepare you for college.
  • Register for your AP test, if needed.