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May 27, 2014
AES Miler's Club  
Acton Elementary School fifth graders recently met a fitness milestone by running fifty or more miles in the school’s Miler’s Club program.
Leading the group as the top school runners were Graham Garrison (73 miles) and Jamie Babbe (75.5 miles).
In all, 33 fifth graders at the school ran fifty or more miles. The other students (in order to distance ran) were Alana Rhodes, 75.25 miles; Emma Grace Brown, 70.5 miles; Andrea Puga , 70 miles; McLain Golba, 70 miles; Brady Willmeth, 69.25 miles; Gentry Garner, 68.25 miles; Ethan Wilkinson, 65.75 miles; Alyssa Stovall, 63.75 miles; Benny Lara, 63.25 miles; Grayson McKelvain, 60 miles; Cayden Ross, 59.25 miles; Olivia Forrest, 59 miles; Abigail Davalos, 58.25 miles; Kailey Norrod, 58.25 miles; Allison Brumley, 57.00 miles; Callie McCann, 57 miles; Ian Jenkins, 55.75 miles; Caroline Horne, 55.5 miles; Emily Huff, 55.25 miles; Trevor St. Don, 55 miles; Vanessa Espinoza, 55 miles; Gracey Harvey, 54.5 miles; Brooklynne Sandel, 54.5 miles; Jaden Bradshaw, 54.25 miles; Mary Apple, 54 miles; Cameron Collins, 53.75 miles; Austyn Streeter, 53.25 miles; Zane Gunter, 51.25 miles; Courtney Smith, 50.5 miles; Zachariah Watson, 50.5 miles; Caroline Rezsofi, 50.25 miles.
The school’s physical education teacher is Janie Chiles.
Pictured above are Graham Garrison (left) and Jamie Babbe.

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